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  • The colours last amazingly well. One of my old ladies fancied the pink, at xmas, so I slapped some in foils. I didn't even pre-lighten, just straight over her grey, as she on wanted it temporarily. It is still there! I couldn't believe it. The blue and green are subject to fade and are prone to needing two applications. Also, if you don't get the pre-lighten light enough, it looks a bit muddy. So the can be a bit of pain when doing them on darker hair, as any yellow tone tends to interfere with the final result. I have some one with the red on my photos here and the orange, yellow and blue on my FB.
    Hiya. You can only buy Goldwell direct from them. The min order is only £50, so you could stock up! :) I have never used the clear, just the bright colours.
    lol i will ask the admin to send you one .. it would be in your pm box xx
    hi hun i cant remeber if we invited you to the pro hair group on here ?? if not let me know i i will send you an invite x
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