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    Salt spray? Conditioning spray?

    Hi everyone, any advice on this.... I straighten my hair daily, it's naturally wavy and I'd like to make the most of its natural wave. If I blow dry it, it's quite a big and fluffy wave, couldn't really wear it like it; but the other day after styling it as normal I went out in the rain and got...
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    Salt spray? Conditioning spray?

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    Which straighteners are the best?

    Hi everyone, Although Ghd's straighten well I'm absolutely convinced they are damaging my hair and it just looks dry even though I use heat protection etc. I'm not convinced straighteners need to be 210c or whatever they are and I was wondering as professionals if you guys think there's is a...
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    Which straighteners are the best?

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    Best hot wax for bikini lines for someone new to hot wax?

    Ive never heard of this, but it sounds really good and is obviously very popular, where can you get it from? x
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    Name Change?

    Just out of interest, what does yours mean then?
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    Indian Head Massage When Pregnant ?

    If you havent had your Indian Head massage yet, some people use Aromatherapy oils when they do Indian Head, and quite a few shouldnt be used on pregnant women. So be aware of that, Indian head can be performed over clothing without oil, which actually feels really nice.
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    Eyebrow position?!!

    I lay the client down and wax from behind, this is how I was taught, then I sit them up and put the head rest up on the couch and tweezer the shape in, I feel that I need to see the client upright/face on to shape them properly and get them even, this is how you see people, when Ive shaped them...
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    Jessica training...Monday?!

    Hi everyone, Im doing my Jessica Manicure training in Portsmouth this Monday and Pedicure training on Tuesday, Im quite excited and I know this is a bit of a long shot but wondered if anyone else is booked on it?... Im going all on my own!
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    Level 3 - why so popular?

    I live on the Isle of Wight and level 3 Beauty over here consists of Swedish body massage, body and facial electricals, Epilation and artificail nails. Most places on the Island look for level 3 or equivalent. A level 3 Diploma in Holistic therapies is quite desired as more salons offer the...
  11. Work night out

    Work night out

  12. me and Amber

    me and Amber

  13. Beauty girls

    Beauty girls

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    holistic degree versus holistic diplomas

    Sorry, I dont want to sound stupid, but this thread caught my eye, I was just being a bit nosey, but could someone give me a definition for degree and diploma?
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    Name Change?

    Hey, does anyone know if or how you can change your name on here? Im not really keen on mine, dont know why I chose it!!!