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  • Hi Viv
    That would be classed as advertising if it's for a fee, if it's free of charge then by all means go ahead, but if it's for a cost then you need to get a paid-for banner.
    Sandi :hug:
    Thankyou for the info, have emailed Kylie so look forward to your dvd. I saw the pics on Gina's facebook, the work you both did is beautiful. Hope you get to relax a while before you have to start again:) Im sure I will enjoy it:) do you use the nfu'oh products in the dvd? Take care x
    Hi Viv
    Wanted to let you know that I LOVE your work on the front cover of NailPro this month..... Amazing!!
    Lauri x
    If you do come to the UK to show how best to use Nfu.oh I will be there:) im looking forward to getting my hands on some of the kits. So any tips etc im all ears:) Take care x
    Thanx for the comments on my corset pics, i was going to enter and i havnt been very well last month or so, and i didnt get it finished in time !! I bet there was loads of great designs, cant wait to see them all, haze x
    Hey, no worries ! lol, yeah the group has a few members now, if you go to my profile page ,on the right hand side near bottom of page it says ..... group memberships, and Nfu.oh lovers ! is on there, if u click on the group itll take u to it and then you can also join the group, hths, btw i got your dvd last week and its amazing !! really enjoyed watching it .....haze xx
    Hi ya Viv, just thought id let you know that theres a Nfu.oh lovers! group now if ya wanna join .....haze xxx
    lol Don't worry I have been here years and still I am finding out new things that have been around for as long as I have.... so your not on your own:)
    fantastic to see you here on Geek! Your an absolute BOON to our Industry, and some one i admire...
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