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    Pilates DVD recommendation?

    Hello I can't recommend a good DVD but I can recommend Zumba which is brill for toning you up the company is local to you its based in wycombe and its called Pyramid Health and Fitness web site is Yvonne
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    Mobile Therapists

    Hello I use tool boxes the ones you can get from B&Q not the metal ones just the box standard tool boxes on wheels I have one for facial, one for waxing, one for manicure, one for pedicure, one for gel, one for L&P, one for spray tanning, one for minx, one for nail art, one for make up, one...
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    Your 'dream' mobile nail desk / manicure table?

    Funny you should start this but I have also been on the moan ladder at the moment to my partner about mine and as he is an engineer have started to get him to make me one that is lighter easy to clean easy to assemble it will be made of a light weight metal but still at the starting stage. There...
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    Minx on the fingers

    yes they stay on better I must admit I am very heavy handed with my own nails I think most nail techs are and the comments that we state to our clients treat nails as jewels not tools well unfortunately that goes a bit out of the window where I'm concerned
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    Minx on the fingers

    sorry I should of been a bit more explicit but yes I just cap the free edge
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    Minx on the fingers

    Hi I too was having problems and in the end just as I was going to give up came up with a really daft idea but it works do the Minx as normal then get a UV gel top coat go over it seal the tip of the nail and cure and quess what it works a treat.
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    Mobile Nail Techs

    I use a B&Q tool box its cheap and also has stickers and pictures on it. It can be used as a side table to put things on instead of cluttering up the table. I do have quite a few of these one for Facial, one for waxing, one for gels, one for L & P etc.
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    Tan Techs ~ need any new clients?

    I'm in Buckinghamshire if you need any help
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    What car for mobile therapist

    i've got a citroen van, I was advised it would be better than a car in the tax point of view. I would recommend it also for getting the couch in and out its practical, as we already have a car which can be used if we are going anywhere. Its also brill for shopping which I seem to do a lot of as...
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    Watch this vid.....have you been to this salon??? I bet some of you have..

    oh that was so funny and soo true they are just like that as well
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    OPI AXXIUM Gel Lacquer

    Hi I did my training over 2 weeks ago and my clients love it no more waiting for nails to dry, no more chipping easy to use and the colours are lovely. I have got my timing down to 40 mins so am impressed with the time factor as well as my clients. I have a client who loves gardening and she...
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    Pro Beauty...any scores on the doors?

    Congratulations Cec
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    Professional beauty ExCel, what did you think?

    Well what can I say on arrival I think all that arrived by car was :rolleyes: bemusement was sent around the houses a bit to then find that we had to park not in the underground car park as usual but to park miles away to then get a bus oh and were given a piece of paper and told that we had to...
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    Infrared lamp pictures?

    Hi I do the same as claire because being mobile you cant take everything with you also if you already have a daylight lamp why waste money in getting another hinge lamp when all you need to do is change the bulb to a infra red bulb none and it also saves money and storage :)
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    PopIts-Custom blend rebalance question

    hi I'm sure Nailzoo has done this check out his site as it might be on there regards