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    Colour reducers versus colour strippers

    Hey Thank you, so much for this. I have been doing level 3 at college and we were starting to learn this before lockdown. I feel I now have a massive gap in my learning around colour correction/removal etc. This is really helpful.
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    Newly qualified - any advice?

    Hi I’m in the exact same boat, due to finish my level 3 next year and really want to work for myself. I’m very interested in following your journey. Good luck xx
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    To 12/01 or not to 12/01

    Hi I’m doing my sisters hair at the weekend she is a base shade of around 7/8. She has quite a lot of regrowth and some bleach at the mid lengths and ends. I’m thinking 12/1 as she has quite a lot of red in her hair. I’ve uplaoded a pic. Can someone tell me if I am on the right track. She wants...
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    Top up/refresher courses, Manchester?

    Salon services have lots of courses in Manchester
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    Colouring natural grey hair blonde

    Thanks guys kind of what I needed to hear.
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    Colouring natural grey hair blonde

    I am midway through my level 2 college hairdressing course. My sons gran in her 70’s has asked me to colour her hair for a wedding next week . She has short hair and is pretty much all grey with a some dull grown out blonde highlights. She likes cap highlights. My plan was to bring her to...
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    Best salon suppliers

    Agh glad it’s not just me who thinks they are expensive. I will do some more research. I’ve found we have hair cosmetics near by so I will try those too. I have just been given a load of colourissimo hair colours from a lady (ex hairdresser) who was selling some kit. Never heard of it before...
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    Best salon suppliers

    Hello, I am currently half way through a level 2 hairdressing course (I bit the bullet and went back to it after years in an other job). I am beginning to do friends and family and just wondering where’s best to buy products such as tints/perms and other equipment. We have Sally’s near us but...