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  • Hiya, great to hear from you:hug:
    I've been busy getting a log cabin to work in, getting really busy with clients too. I've even got a few brisa gel ones now.
    If the weather was to dry up and warm up, i'd be much happier as i'm struggling to get the cabin fully dry, it was put up in december and it was raining all week - it's not had a chance to dry!
    Lol, i know exactly what you mean, i sat down and took all my stuff out of the bags n boxes, laid it all out and was like WOW!! i am sat here right now with my geek mug full of coffee, and my geek mouse mat next to the keyboard, lol
    Wow, your master classes!! Well done!! Arnt CND just the best!!??!! Yeah i used to use a desk and i found the same problem, you just couldn't show off your polishes or anything, so i bought a manicure desk and its absolutely Fab!! There are some good bargains out there to be had!
    Thanks for the comment on my picture, it takes ages doesn't it!! I didn't realise how much stuff i accually had!!! hahahaha
    Ahhhh poor puppy!!! Hopefully all will be well in the morning!! No i haven't had a play yet as i have spent the day with the kids and dogs and i changed my home based salon around, looks soooo much better, i will be sitting down and having a play tomorrow though!!
    Hiya hun, it was so lovely to meet you, i am definately goin to go next year!! It was absolutely fab! take care and speak to you soon, Jo.xxxx
    just messaged Lisa (stoney) to ask where we`re staying cos i`ve forgot. I`ll text you when i know and then you`ll have my number too X
    at the moment sunderland as a vl. Also working with "troubled" teenagers.
    aww...push the boat out and have two!! Keep in touch on here, let me know how your reflexology course goes :) x
    Hiya again Helen!! Just a quick note to say I LOVE THESE POPITS!! You have done a fantastic job with them :) I haven't stopped looking at them all afternoon! x Ang x
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