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Warwick Wendy

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  • Hi Wendy...good talking with you.:hug:

    Nice bike and see you it hobby or competition.

    You really do need to join the hairy bikers club group...if your not hairy you at least have the bike so more than welcome :Grope:
    Hi Wendy

    Dont work for Jica any more everybody was made redundant last year. I dont think they are selling it anymore as they have cut there lines down - i know some else is doing it will find out and let you know
    Yep .. weather is beautiful .. perfect for that hot looking bike I see. xx
    Oh lovely. Tomorrow or Wednesday would be great as I'm off work. You'll have to give me directions off of the m40, bearing in mind that I don't have sat nav or anything usefull like that!


    Gemma (07826 841820)
    Hi Wendy, how are you? how's the popits? I've got a spray tan sample from Vani T and I'm going to use it on Paul today lol god help him, I've promised to keep it to places that wont show!!!
    Hi hun, how's it going? Are you going to excel? I'm going on Sunday 2 March. Probably by coach unless I can grab a lift with someone.
    Would be great to see you there?
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