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  • Hi Joanne, just checking to see if you got my emails from earlier; I can't take calls during office hours in the week at the moment as am doing consultancy work on a client's site. If you could email the details of what you want doing, that would be fab - otherwise please could you send me a text when you find your mobile again...
    Hi!! So sorry to respond late, have been busy, busy!! I am doing exactly what your doing with the brows, I think getting speed up will take a little while to master! Hope all is well for you?!!

    Hi Joanne! Yes it is me!! How are you? Lovely to hear from you, it was great to meet you!! xxx
    Black beauty, makes me cry every time I watch it, I even cried when I read the book. Big softy, that's me.
    Just been having a nosey at you salon pics, I love it. I get over to Wellingbough quiet often, have been past your place a few times and never knew you were a geek, next time I'll stick my head round the door and say hi x
    My personal favourite for french is 87. Slightly sheer but gives a lovely tint. I'm afraid thats the one area I think Bio is a bit lacking and I usually end up mixing my own out of a touch of pinks and whites mixed. Also looks nice with a touch of peachy shade thrown in too.
    im all into adding a little extra so long as its tested and safe but i wouldnt touch melanotan.. they are testing it in australia and the us at the mo but its a long way off getting approval. people are craaaaaaaaaaaazy . might as well go on steroids if there gonna do melanotan
    I know..its shocking what people will pump into themselves for vanity sakes hey??
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