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    All your technical questions about Brisa Lite removable gel answered here

    Is there a guideline for sculpting length ? Iv just done a beautiful long set of brisa lite extensions on myself but side cracks have appeared within 24 hours on the thumbs at the point were extension begins. iv lost confidence in trialling it on a client. I did a set on my daughter and same...
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    Help. Liquid gold bond-a-weave

    Help desperate. Iv been using liquid gold for years with no problems but recently I think they changed the formula, it's runny and soon as the extensions get wet it falls out leaving the glue stuck in the hair, the dissolver doesn't work either and just turns it into a sticky mess...
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    They lost my details

    Yes iv got proof on bank statements. they weren't very helpful at all, but then again they were just sales people selling courses, maybe I should write to head office.
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    They lost my details

    Hi, I did a 2 day course on express lashes with a well known company a couple of years ago but never went back to do my time trial as it was a 4 hour drive, I didn't realise I wasn't going to get my certificate unless I did the time trial at the time. I had a break from lash extensions due to a...
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    How much are sunbeds in your area?

    Me too I'm horrified.
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    How to apply eyelash on bottom lashes?

    Obviously I ment safe with a competent lash technician. I'm trained for bottom lashes by nouveau
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    How much are sunbeds in your area?

    iv seen so many severely burnt people on Facebook that have been in there, It's a self service place in an amusement arcade, there using tubes iv never heard of which dont come up in google search which are UVB only and over the 0.3 reg.
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    How to apply eyelash on bottom lashes?

    It's totally safe to do bottom lashes with eyes open. U can't do it any other way ?
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    How much are sunbeds in your area?

    Salon opened near me charging half what all the other salons do. will they make any profit at £3-9 mins ?
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    Any lone parent nail techs on Working Tax Credits?

    I opened my salon 10 years ago. I was on benefits at the time as my husband walked out, I had 3 children, youngest 8 months old ,i got a bank loan to start up ( i know thats impossible now) DHSS were fantastic, i was allowed income support for 4 weeks after i had opened then they changed it to...
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    Nails breaking with Gelish on

    Does structure gel soak off ?
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    Help with Gelish & Gelicure Rockstar

    I apply gelish base, cure then thin layer of top coat, not too close to cuticle as it will spread when u add glitter. sprinkle glitter onto un cured top coat. Don't touch it at all then cure, brush gently to clean the glitter off the skin. It only comes off the skin not the nail then add more...
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    Protecting my Shellac while working

    Get a pump bottle for the acetone so u just press down a few times with a piece of cotton wool and your nails shouldn't get any acetone on at all ?
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    Why doesn't CND offer an LED lamp for Shellac?

    I did a pedi with my shellac and as I usually use Gelish I used my led not my uv without thinking but it didn't set at all silly me. Won't make that mistake again
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    Dangers of spray tanning

    Inhaling dha causes cells to mutate no matter which spray method u use. Auto or manual it's still not designed to be inhaled. Iv been spray tanning 10 years so iv probably inhaled litres by now but hey ho, if it's not spray tan killing me its my sunbeds.