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  • Glad to see you are studying electrolysis, it seems to be a dying art! I love doing electrolysis although I'm not that knowledgeable about the differences between gold & insulated needles. I use two piece bog standard (surgical steel?) size 003 mainly. I remember being told at college the gold needles conduct current the most effectively, so you need the current on lower when using them compared to the steel needles.
    hi angela, how r the nails going for you? i see u posted a thread on consistency, some of the colours are harder than others to use aren't they? i have been doing the nails with no probs and they look great, not taking too long either, i have just had a problem with one of my sets lifting. I cant find the reason why, have u had any? also do u remember how to use the uv top coat? i got some as they said it was great to use urself at work, but when i cure it and wipe at end it doesnt go shiney?! thanks clare
    hi and you too, guess what i did a set of bio in no.10 red wine colour today and a set of french!!! threw myself into the deep end! how is it going for you? XXX
    Hiya Waxed, are you still looking for exchanges? How do you feel about an exchange with a male? I trained with Kim for my waxing recently but have been a qualified remedial masseur for quiet a few years. I'm based in the North Manchester area with home based facilities.Let me know if you're interested.
    Hiya, do you want to arrange a treatment swap in the next week or 2. I really need a hollywood and i see you have trained with kim. I did to and just cant go back to strip wax x
    hiya, im in guisborough if you want to come to me. i am a mobile therapist, i dont have a dedicated room but we could use my lounge if thats ok. or i can come to you what ever suits.
    did you train with kim for intimate waxing?
    gemma x
    i have seen your post on treatment swap and see you cover a lot of treatments.
    i offer vani-t spray tanning, massage, manicure, pedicure, waxing including the brazilian and the hollywood.
    I live in guisborough and i think if you are where i think you are its a 45 min journey.
    get intouch if your intrested xxx
    Hi Again
    It would be on the 13th July in shipley west yorkshire, and you would get to meet a few geeks on the day too,
    let me know if you can help out hun
    Hi Angela
    I have seen you are volunteering your self your training purposes on the guinea pig thread,
    i will shortly be holding an intimate wax training day at my salon with the training been done by Kimmi,
    if you would like to be a volunteer for this please could you let me know asap
    Louise xx
    Hi Angela. They can either come together and be in the room at the same time, or you can tell your second model to come along half way through. Are you doing your training from 10 to 2 on Sunday 30th March? I have it marked in my diary for that time but I've got so many geeks and non geeks booked in for training that I keep thinking I've got you all mixed up LOL. xxxx
    Ok thats great my model is TopTottie she has trained with you, It was so nice of her to volunteer and she lives in essex x
    Hi Doll. If it's ok with you, I'd like your training to be from 10am to 2pm so bring your model along with you as we start waxing straight away. I don't stop to lecture, I talk as we wax. Can't wait !! Kim xxx
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