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  • Hi hunny, long time no see, hope you are well
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    Hey, sorry I don't understand this new updated site very well so missed your message!! I've not been active much as I've had another baby (well first boy is nearly 4 so not a baby anymore!) I have just had a little girl 4wks ago - Kitty Ella. She's a really chilled out happy little thing which is great as my first was very high needs! How are you doing? What's news? X
    thank you so much for your reply.

    one final questions, when you meet NVQ qualified beauticians, do you feel after working/talking to them that you have more in depth knowledge on beauty therapy? Is it quite obvious? Not just in practical work but in the understanding of what is going on?
    Hi Weezie, I just read on a thread that you attended the london school of beauty and makeup to do the cidesco course. i am really interested in the course/syllabus but I am reluctant because its nearly 10K, and I don't know if the school's teaching is worth all this money. Can you please give me some advice, and tell me if you think the school/teaching is good and if you think the cidesco course in particular was good? Thanks alot
    Happy Birthday weezie. Hope you and baby a doing well. Have a lovely day :hug: x
    Hi weezie, you are very welcome for the rep. :)

    Thank you for your comment on my Shellac album. It is MUCH appreciated. :hug:
    Thanks for the visitor message. I tried to rep you too for your great advice but couldn't as I'm not spreading the luv either!! LOL x
    It won't let me rep you again... I have to spread the love! lol! But thank you for introducing me to Gerards x
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