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  • What an absolutely fantastic ultrasound...beautiful baby, what a privilege to something so beautiful. Congratulations too by the way.
    Thanks for the rep!! Lol, only just noticed it after using SG for 3 years :lol:
    Thanks I'll let her know and she can have a wee look into it, is the cost of living high there? x x
    Thanks it's nice to know people appreciate them, its easy to forget to rep no worries:) Sorry to sound random but can I ask where you studied psychology? My sister wants to go to uni to study it, and would be good to get some feedback on the course and where to study etc. x x
    Hi - someone at my salon said that gelish top coat is a three minute cure and I thought iy was two - can you confirm for me please??
    Thanks for the rep! :hug: I agree about 'riduculous' and ALMOST mentioned it being misspelled in my reply. Good grief...
    Awwh what a lovely thing to say.. OMG I've just realised we're not geeky friends LOL.. I could have sworn we were friends already!!... hope alls well with you and the bump and you're taking it nice and easy xxx
    You're welcome and thanks a mill for the comment on my album... I'm chuffed now!! :)
    Hello my name is Emma and i am being a bit cheeky but i noticed that you like the sothys products i have just seen their rep and i am considering using the brand myself but i just wondered how you have found the products, how are they to use, reatail, training? i know its a bit cheeky asking you but i would prefer all the feedback i can get before i commit myself to the range, thanks for your time!
    Hi Louise,

    I noticed on a thread you mentioned you had invisalign braces, I have been advised by my dentist to get them, how did you find them? I am really worried about caring for them! x
    Hi there!

    I came across your profile when I was posting on a thread about The Carlton Institute and I noticed that you too trainined as a Beauty Therapist after your degree!...I'm so glad to know that there are other people like me in this situation...I am just about to finish a Masters degree in music but I would love to be working in a salon in the next year or so after completing my initial training.

    I have had mixed reactions about my decision to change my career plans post degree...can you relate?

    Laura :)xx
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