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  • How kind you are! Business is tres busy, thank goodness, and I'm expanding into being a distributor for one of my suppliers too!
    hehe....yes seems i managed and getting to grips with all the bits and bobs :O)))
    Hi! thanks for the rep a couple of weeks ago, sorry it's late - I've just worked out how to see them, doh!! x
    I'm the new marketing co-ordinator for Gerards so you may speak to me soon. Just started using the products too - Yum! x
    I emailed them and got a reply straight away and an apology for not sending samples. I would go ahead and order all your yummy retail.
    Hi Louise,

    have only just seen that you gave me a rep beg of June...shame on me for not seeing it earlier!!! Thanks so much for that!!!
    Hi cherub,you need to empty your inbox as I am trying to end you some info and cant.xx
    How exciting! I've heard it's an amazing place. Well enjoy your stay and it's good to know that you weren't Baptised Weezie lol. Lots of love xxx
    Really???? How brilliant is that. Forget Geeking and enjoy your hols.

    By the way, I take it that Weezie isn't your real name? lol What is it? xx
    Me too as you know. Environ training is fab and you will get so much out of it. I am just waiting for my Gimme Brown/aviva express samples to arrive, having tried everything else out there on the market I am hoping it will hit the mark- I wasn't overly keen on Xen-Tan I have to say.
    Whatever you decide Nimue or Environ you will get some good results.
    Hi Louise, what did you decide about Nimue, was it for you? Also noticed that you are a Vani-T girl, how are you finding the new solution formulation, if have had lots of complaints about the velocity and have tried a sample of the new solution and after 6 years of using it I am gutted that I hate it so much.
    Hi weezie , I am really glad that your enjoying your course , its great when you enjoy what your doing for a living then it doesn't seem so much like work lol :) x minky
    Aw thanks, I think anything goes really but it would be so nice to wear a dress and feel done up for a change. xx
    Thank you for the nice comment Weezie :hug: it was quite a scare, so glad Lise is ok now, I was really happy to see the blue smiley pop back up again,
    :) x minky
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