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    High frequency and galvanic help

    This may help :)
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    Pregnancy and massage

    I would check your insurance. Most require further training.
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    Need help with salon name!

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    Going the extra mile - what have you done?

    I also helped an elderly client onto her commode once as she needed to go during her massage. She was such a sweetheart. I don't think I'm very easily grossed out and helping people out feels good doesn't it. :)
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    Going the extra mile - what have you done?

    I actually changed a clients babies' nappy once as her nails were wet!!! Way before I had kids.
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    Please help - eyelash tinting done, forgot to take out contacts

    Don't beat yourself up as it was her responsibility to check. I would think your eyes would be bloodshot and still stinging if you had done any damage. I would think the solution is more likely to have stained the outside of the contact lenses and you took them out straight away. Have you rinsed...
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    Refundable deposit discrepancy

    I would reply that that is incorrect as you paid in pounds not converted to Euros and include a statement showing the amount you paid and the wording from the contract. They need to pay you back the full amount as per your contract.
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    Is it possible to get a thread deleted?

    Gina I was just thinking that you can edit your original reply to remove your offer too, just in case people don't read the whole thread before messaging you.
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    Men's salon

    I read an article on this place the other day it's unisex but set up to make males comfortable in the salon. It may inspire you.
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    What size babygrows to buy?

    Just realised in 4 months it will be colder but they'll be indoors mainly and if you take them out you put those all in one suits on then anyway. My girl prefers not to have her feet covered. :)
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    What size babygrows to buy?

    I've skipped babygrows this time. It's been too hot anyway and she's been naked loads. That way you can use 0-3 instead of newborn if you roll up the sleaves and legs. They grow so fast. My 8 week old is in 3-6 mths after fitting newborn gifts at birth.
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    Hey, sorry I don't understand this new updated site very well so missed your message!! I've not...

    Hey, sorry I don't understand this new updated site very well so missed your message!! I've not been active much as I've had another baby (well first boy is nearly 4 so not a baby anymore!) I have just had a little girl 4wks ago - Kitty Ella. She's a really chilled out happy little thing which...
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    Heartbroken - my salon has been burnt down

    So sorry to hear this. Sending you strength x
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    Beauty - eyelash tinting

    Make sure tint mix is not too runny, it should hold on the brush when you pick it up. Apply tint to the tips of the lashes then use that tint to stroke down the lashes from the roots to the tip. Continue until all covered. This ensures the layer by the lashes isn't too thick. Put a dry pad on...
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    OPI, China Glaze or Morgan Taylor?

    Another thumbs up for China Glaze here. All are great except the lighter colours for which I prefer Essie.