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  • Hiya, just seen your post on the Fake Bake thread. Would you have contact details for Tantrick, I'm looking for samples as have been let down by Fake Bake who have been out of stock for 4 weeks now. Thanks Michelle x
    Im wanting to go on a cnd nail enhancement course so i may be intrested. how much are you wanting for the exquipment ?
    Hello there welsh geek!
    I'm onother welsh geek!
    Where about in Caerphilly is your salon?
    Would it be possible to come to you and have my nails done?
    If you could let me know your contact info I'll give you a call and maybe we could get together for a nail fest ?!
    Here's my mob if you want to txt 07958550543
    Hope to hear back from you
    bestest wishes
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