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  • Thank you , it was callus eliminater, by be natural. Took two applications and a bit of elbow grease.
    awwww Wendy, you've just made my day. Thank you :o although with just my little essential nails certificates behind me i think i'm still considered one of the unproffessionals of the industry at the minute, not sure i'd make it into the great and good crowd without some very serious re-training :eek: Thank you again though, i've had a rubbush day so far and you've just cheered me up lots!! :hug: xxxxxxxxx
    Hi Wendy

    I'd be inclined to check with Vistaprint if they mind you using an image of your business card on your Facebook page, as they will be able to give you a definitive answer. Hope that helps :hug:
    Hi Wendy. Hope you're well? I absolutely love the Harmony L&P. I swapped from young nails and although i was happy with YN, i just preferred the harmony. Its very smooth, very forgiving, and i didnt get on too well with the clear YN powder, suppered from air bubbles on occasion and never seemed to get a good mix ratio whatever i tried. The pink and white were fine, just the clear i struggled with. Are you thinking of getting a trial kit? Happy chritstmas xxxxxx
    it lasted 2 weeks . so not to bad..i use trendy for kids or th edregs of the minx i cant use... and charge £10. keeps parents and kids happy, xx
    Hiya! thanks for your lovely comments!! I trained with glam lash, and am reasonably new to lashing, but am enjoying it, got someone else coming in today in fact, so will have another set of before and after later on, wish I could do myself, ut fear I may lose an eyeball if I were to try hehe x
    Oh yes please keep me posted. I read the group posts and noticed you'd been busy, the replies MissOwen recieved from the companies were interesting. Lets hope the Sheekee Wraps are the same price and a distributer becomes available soon x
    Yes I have been trying to get to the bottom of it but both sides are saying the other is lying so I can't make out which one to believe. Bottom line is that there will be the Trendy Wraps that we have been purchasing and then the creator of these Nickole has launched a new brand Sheekee Nail Wraps which are to be an improved version of Trendy! I am getting some samples so will keep you posted! xxx
    Hello you! Lovely to hear from you!

    Well the Trendy Nails are around £5 for a pack and they are shaped at both ends so you will get at least 2 applications out of each one without having to trim them into shape yourself. The pro cut ones are really lovely. I only charge an extra £5 for these as they are very easy to apply and I love my clients LOL! The toenail ones are fab and last for ever and ever. The pro cut I used with clear acrylic over and they only need infilling in the normal way until they grow off the end of course!! Thanks for the update on the Nailite! Hope you are keeping well. xxx
    hi wendy.
    thanks for youe message and sorry for the delay in response.
    currently we don't have a lusciouslox specialist but we do offer online training.
    although the online training cant replace one on one it dose really help and the product is definitely worth it.
    hope this helps.
    That's a shame! I've spoken to margarita belskas daughter today and I am gonna book it tommorro!!! I hope I can get the hang out it as I am going to enter the scratch shoot out once I've thought of a theme and that skill might come in handy lol. Not doing too badly with sculpting - I love it but at times I find it quite frustrating - I'm not doing sculpts in clients yet just my willing gineau pigs lol. I might take a further work shop - simply because I can do it on perfect nail plates but anything less than perfect I struggle and far from like the results! What problems are you having Hun? Jodie x
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