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  • Hi hun. Thx for ur post. Ive been looking everywhere in birmingham for these wraps. Me and my family (girls) would love to try this for a wedding wer getting ready for. Any help would b most gratefull. Like costs or places. Thank u so much x
    Hi Wendy,
    Did you go to proffesional Beauty in Manchester? It was my first ever beauty show and was great fun and got a few really good buys. I treated myself to the additives kit and noticed that you use them. I saw your fantastic snake skin nails using gelish black shadow. Which additive did you use and where did you get the net and how did you do it? How are you finding the Gelish? Are you still using Shellac? I have had a few people asking for Minx so I am going on a course with Ellisons at the beginning of November, ready for the Xmas part season. Do you use Minx, if so which is the most popular design and have you any hints or tips? Started Uni and now doing a part time degree in International Spa Management, which I am really enjoying and in two years I will be a fully qualified Spa therapist. Doing Swedish massage at the moment but really looking forward to next year when we train in Elemis Spa treatments. Hope you are okay and must try and sort out that one to one with you xx
    Hi Wendy,
    How is the Gelish going? Any luck with sorting out the removal problem? I think I now have the removal sussed. I use Maggi wraps but put in an extra piece of lint free gauze soaked really well with remover, then put their hands in plastic bags(the once used for paraffin wax etc) and then into heated mitts, 10mins later out they come and the gelish has normally curled up and is in the foil when removed and hardly any is left on the fingers to scrape off. I am thinking of swapping over to D-solve though as a few geeks say that it is better than the harmony remover and is quite a bit cheaper. Which remover do you use?
    I have also treated myself on your recommendation to the holographic glitters and I'm in love, have just done my fingers using the purple one and it is amazing. Thanks once again for all your help,
    Jeanne x
    Hi Wendy,
    Many thanks for the all info. I now have S2 account so can order glitters from them. I have quite a few Martha Stewart ordinary glitters so was thinking about the holographic ones that S2 do, which sort and colours do you recommend?
    Hi Wendy,
    Passed my course but until I get my certificates I can't order any glitters etc from S2 or Ellisons so have ordered some Martha Stewart ones to practice with in the meantime. If you don't have a colour that matches the glitter, what colour do you use? Would something pale like light elegance or ambience work okay underneath or maybe even a glitter like vegas nights?
    Going away for a couple of days with the kids on Tuesday but hopefully when I get back home my glitters will have arrived so I can start playing!
    Hope you have a great Jubilee holiday x

    Thanks for the rockstar info. Have had a look at the fingernail fixers utube and will try and get some of the holographic glitters from Ellisons as I don't have a s2 account. What brushes do you use. Do you use a separate brush to work in the glitter and a separate brush to sweep off any excess after you have cured it? Need to arrange a one to one with you sometime as your nail art and rockstar is fab!
    Did you manage to get it off okay as I know this was an area you were having problems with? I must admit it is the removal part that scares me the most as I am terrified that I will wreck clients nails. I have done 6 sets so far and starting to get a bit quicker but it still seems to take forever ( over an hour) and that hasn't even included removal. I am not charging for my case studies but once I get my qualification from nail harmony and sort out the insurance I will be. I would love to be able to do the rock star nails, can you possibly send me a list of items that I would need to purchase to do them and also where I can find a tutorial?
    Emma's op went fine and she is now off school for 3 weeks, what fun! On the plus side she was a very willing guinea pig to try out the neon pink gelish colour!
    It's doing well, how about yours?
    Have done my Mum's nails and a neighbours so far and have a few more peole wanting it done next week. Just trying to fit it all in as have my daughters operation.
    Trying to put an aftercare sheet together and a client consultation form/record card so that at least I will have that covered for legal reasons and then once I'm qualified I can get my Insurance sorted out.
    Had a look at your website, it looks great and is next on my list to do once I get my logo sorted out!
    Hey honey thanks for the friend request and absolutely love your profile pic :) love n hugs x x x
    Hi Wendy, you hear correctly :)

    Bridal tiaras | Wedding veils | Konad nail art

    Any questions please yell
    Lol I can see it! I've been ticking over for years while working in salons so difficult for me to pin point! when I get my fb page up we can like each others page & then we can copy statuses etc & get ideas (like school)!! I get most clients by recommendation so no advertising as yet! Xx
    Good idea! I've been communicating with Zo Zo (Berins) and she's so helpful. Really pleased you're so busy! Can't wait until I'm busy everyday! How long did it take you to get to that stage? I think ...@the beauty studio is a good idea...sums it up nicely! Xx
    I cant wait I've already got buzier because if it & it's not open yet!! not doing mobile as I don't do it now, clients come to me! i haven't got my Facebook page up yet either - this name thing lol! I'd contact berins and ask them to email you some product logos & details so you can up load them to your fb page, also google berins and see what press releases there have been, news mags etc, upload these for your clients to read! I tjink I may use the name - @ the beauty studio. It's basic and says what it us! What do you think? Xx
    I've never really bothered offering it to be honest Wendy as I found it a pain getting everything out just for an ebs etc! But now I'm moving into the summerhouse I've started to say yes I'm waxing and they are starting to book, and seem intrigued by the hot wax! It's great your using a premium wax & not a bog standard, maybe you need to promote the hot wax as a lot of salons still only use strip, pop a piece about it and how it works on your Facebook page maybe? Do you use the hot on the face? When I use it on the clients I explain to them it's a new wax and how it works etc and I get a lot of ooohs! So hopefully they are telling their friends!xx
    What wax do you use? Ive just moved to perron rigot, hot wax for sensitive area face bikini etc and the strip wax for speed waxing, this seems to attract clients as it's different no one else offers it in my area it's a good selling point, the hot wax isn't as painful, I've also booked myself with Kim lawless in july as again no one in my area has trained with her! Xx
    Good thanks Wendy in trying to think of a name for my summer house which should be completed within a few weeks, any help gratefull received! Have a read of my thread in biz! Your doing great with the nails well done you , how's it all going? Xx
    You're welcome. Yes I opened a while ago now. Things have been very slow but the phone is ringing and I'm getting a few people through the door now, so fingers crossed it'll get busier and busier!! :)
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