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  • Hello Wendy!!! I started to use IBD gel line, and i'm begginer.....why my nails are lifting? :S
    First it was the bonder, i was applying too much, so now i use a sponge pads, make a little dots with bonder then blot and cure.....nails do not go off but in the end where it starts from the gel is known as the cuticle, nail starts to fall .. how to start lifting ... but remains standing still for a week .... what I'm doing wrong, where I could be wrong?
    HELOOOOOO!!! :))) i bought IBD line, so i want to ask you do extreme white can i use with clear builder gel? and who is your best expirience with these gels? can u tell me step by step your work with ibd, becouse your nails looks perfect! thanks....
    I just ordered the IBD Extreme French gel - your nail pics are beautiful, are you using tips or sculpting?
    hi wendy,i just wanted to say that i love your nails.i have always worn my nails long but i am slowly going shorter as your nails and a few other are slowly converting me.your nails always catch my eye no matter how many times ive seen them,you do beautiful work.xx
    Hi Wendy, yeah it is a bit nerve wrackin, especially when the very large lorries drive right up the backside of the car, grrrr!!
    I cant wait til i pass my test tho as i live kinda in the middle of nowhere and i miss goin into town.....:cry:
    Jo.xx :hug:
    Hi there, i haven't spoken to you in ages, how are you?? I'm not to bad myself, had a driving lesson this evening, it was a bit nerve racking as i went out onto the main road for the first
    Anyway, i hope you are well, speak to you soon, Jo.xx
    Hi there, thanks for the message, they are gorgeous arnt they? we are thinking of getting another one, you know what they say, "hskies are like chocolates, you cant just have one"!! Lol.xx
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