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  • i ve read that you have the monsoon trolly, hope you dont mind me asking if it is big enough for the uv lamps and all the prep, gels, manicure and removal products that we have to carry around. Many thanks.xx
    Hi! I know I'm about the 20th person to say this but your colour wheels are fantastic! Can you email them to me' if possible please? thanks so much xx
    I love your colour wheels. Would you mind sending me the link to these please. My email is Many thanks. Abi
    Yes waterfield looks lovely with a French, as does Vegas nights! Enjoy!!
    Hiya, was looking for a glittery silver gelish colour with the Wow factor! Do you think Waterfield is a good option. I will be adding it to the pink and white when ordering my starter kit. Thanks very much.
    Got the colour wheels from eBay, anyone who wants a direct link message me your email address & I will send it you. Not found this type for sale in the uk, they were £3.50 for 10 Inc postage - mucho cheapo!
    Hi there, just been looking at your album again and I am impress with all the information for Gelish.Receive my order this morning so will be French nails on myself. Could you tell me where you got your colour wheel from, this so much easier to pull this out from work area than clients handling bottle of nail varnish. Thanks x
    Hi ive noticed that you are using shellac and gelish, after speaking to sweet squared today and was told they MAY have base coat and top coat in sometime this month!!!!, i have ordered 12 colour kit of gelishas 80% of my clients are having shellac and i panicked, but not for long, after ordering gelish i have calmed down lol, can you tell me if applying gelish is as easy as shellac?
    Hi there, just been looking at your Gelish photos. Looking into buying either Shellac or Gelish at moment. Could you tell me can Gelish be used with any 36w lamp or do you have to buy a specific lamp? Trying to weigh up pros and cons(if any) with both systems and whether to invest. Wanting to find out price of the Gelish system. Who is your supplier? Many thanks x
    I tried clicking on your color wheels but I was not able to see them at all. Would you mind sending the pics of the 3 color wheels to my e-mail address Otherwise, is there another way for me to view them? Thanks in advance.
    Feel free to tell me to bog off if it's too much work. I would be forever in your debt if you could let me know which colour of Gelish corresponds to what number on your amazing colour wheels.

    angela xx
    hi thanks so much for spendind time on sending me the link from ebay. i will order today they are cheap too. xx
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