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    The best facial brand products?

    can you send me some info too please
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    How to become qualified as a beauty lecturer?

    I've just gained my teaching qual and considering different options with regard to training...whether it be with The Guild or an independent trainer x
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    Teacher training

    Thanks for taking the time to reply to my post. I have spoken with GTI and they have explained the different options available. First things first though....AET course.
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    Teacher training

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    Teacher training

    Hi, I am after some advice please. I own a beauty salon and am considering offering training in certain aspects of beauty. I understand that I need to complete the AET qualification but was wondering what happens next? Do I have to train to teach for a brand or can I be independent to teach any...
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    Salon package insurance

    I have been insured with Babtac ad Balens for the past 4 years and am now looking to insure with another provider as my premium has increased. Has anyone got any recommendations? Since doing a little bit of research I've found that Babtac and Balens are 50% more expensive that some providers...
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    Best training for dermaplaning/microneedling UK?

    Have a look at Jane Bryan. I've done the chemical peel training and considering doing the dermaplaning next.
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    Salon Systems lash lift sachets?

    One sachet is for a full treatment. I tend to use the sachets instead of the bottles
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    Where does everyone get their beauty uniforms from? I currently buy from Florence Roby but they are quite pricey, especially when all staff need new tunics, trousers and I'm wanting to buy dresses for the summer. Thanks in advance xx
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    Age restrictions

    Just wondering what other salons views are on treating minors. At what age will you wax, tan, do gel nails and sp lashes. I'm not asking from an insurance point of view as I already have this information, but as a therapists view. Thank you
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    GDPR client record cards

    Thanks for taking time to reply. I did phone ico yesterday and was on hold for ages. I will try the live chat xx
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    GDPR client record cards

    I'm wondering if someone can help me please. I have a paper system for client records and wondered if I have to contact every single client from opening 4 years ago to date to let them know about the salon's GDPR policy. If not, then is it ok just to have the policy at the salon for client's to...
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    Skincare brand help

    Would you mind giving me more info on this please x
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    MASCED - Accreditation in skin cancer detection

    I did this yesterday!!
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    Salon System lash lift

    Can anyone tell me when we can re-do a lash lift as it doesn't seem to have taken. I have searched and some posts say after 2 days and others say 2 weeks. Thanks in advance x