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  • If you are not a hair pro (as your recent thread states), please edit your Profile as soon as possible please.
    what a bag of crap! how can this board delete my thread asking a wholesaler for wax temps because a friend complains! So still don't know temps!!!! Crickey know your product or don't sell it - simple!
    Hiya, it's Bookfresh - does all my appointments for me. v easy to set up also and send reminders to customers. 10 dollars per month.
    I got my web address from VP. It is easier but you can't transfer it out if you wanted a new webhost. I would use your existing domian name and use the instructions on VP to point at your site. Last time I did it, it was easy to do and you log into your domain name setting to point to the numbers VP give you in the instructions. HTH!
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