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  • Oh I see, I thought that was you in love the colour of her hair and the style
    Hey good thanks!! Hope alls well with you!! fab tatts, I have quite a few large ones myself, very addictive!!! Friends a tattooist so too easy me thinks to want more designs, in a good way!!! :O)
    ohdear, I hope it all goes well hun, back's are horrible to get fixed once they have gone...xx
    Hello hunny, I'm good thanks how are you and the family. I'm going to be a Nana again in May..that will be my 5th grandchild, dont know what its going to be yet find out in a couple of
    Thanks for the message. I am sorry to be so long in my reply. I do not think to check this. I will need to make more of an effort to do that. There are so many wonderful ways foreveryone to communicate here I have not gotten to them all yet.

    Have a wonderful day!
    Thanks, aye the modelling was fab; am looking forward to next month when I am modelling for the areola tattooing too :)
    Oh hope your ok after that?? I had one wisdom tooth out ages ago and it was damn agony!! just had my hair re-permed today and its kinda short till the perm loosens out, not too keen on it just now!! :(
    Hiya gorgeous, hope you are OK too, love your tattoos album. Am keeping OK thanks - will be modelling for Lori in a few hours now, yay!
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