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  • Hi Willmarsh, yes its a soak able strengthening gel not colored but you can extend with it as well. I'm fed up with bio also, x
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    If you are not thinking of doing a course in minx you will need to check with your insurance company that you are covered, I am with BABTAC and they wouldn't cover me unless I did the course. The course was worth it though as although you can get lots of help on salon geek and utube videos nothing beats hand on experience with an experienced Teacher. I couldn't do my training at S2 as they didn't have the correct dates but Ellisons were great. The only other tip I have is when starting off use highly patterned matt designs as these don't show up mistakes or wrinkles as much as plain straight foil designs. Obviously when you get the hang of it you can chose any design you want. Hope this is of some help and happy minxing x
    Sorry I haven't replied earlier but I haven't been on salon geek for a while as I am doing a degree as well as everything else at present and haven't had a chance to look until now. The best minx tips that I have got have been from the minx group on here bag puss I think it is has amazing hints and tips. The best one is for toes that not to cut them before you apply the minx but apply first and then cut and seal the minx in one go when you cut the toenails to length with clippers. It really does work! Twissers - not sure on the spelling( cross between scissors and tweezers ) are also great and make life a lot easier. Don't buy the crystal file it is useless, just a good ordinary file will do the same job i use elllisons black beauty 240/240 files (hint given to me on my minx course). Will finish this message in another one as it only gives me so many words!
    My message was too long so this is what I was going to add at the end!

    This is really strange to get this message as I was only looking at a video on foils yesterday and I had thought of using foil adhesive after step 3 to get overall coverage. I would wipe the nail with Dual Cleanse first and then apply the foil glue, wait for it to change colour (about 2 mins) and then apply foil.
    If/when I have a go, I will let you know if I manage to get all over coverage!
    Hi Wilmarsh,

    My foil routine is as follows:

    1. Clear cure
    2. Colour (nearest to colour of foil) cure. I do a colour coat to 'hide' any gaps as best I can or as a contrast to the random foil. I see no reason why you could not miss this out and go straight to the next step if you prefer.
    3. Sealer cure 2 mins. It must be 2 mins and don't leave the clients hands any longer as it will not stick.
    4. Press the foil onto nail and if you want an all over coverage (or as near to it as you can), just keep dabbing the foil into the blank bits. I find that a fresh piece of foil is better to do infiiling as sometimes you end up with a kind of 'clear smudge' from the backing paper where the foil has already been transferred.
    5. Sealer cure (I always use sealer before UV coat as you can sometimes get transferrance even with foil and I don't want to contaminate my UV gel).
    6. Wipe with Dual cleanse
    7. UV gel. Cure
    8. Wipe with Sanitizer/Dual Cleanse.
    I hope this helps. The important bit is the Sealer gel cure for 2 mins.
    Yep, I trained with you (we did each other's hands!)! Fantastic news on your 'A' grade! Well done you! :-D
    Hey, thanks for your reply!! I went back through my training manual to the trouble shooting section and it said basically what you've just said! Think it may be my mainly my brush control so practice practice practice I think! Thank again for your help :) xxs
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