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    Flawless pink

    I am creative trained, I only did the conversion course on 14th April, but my catalogue is for 2003, is it a new product then? Kirsty
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    Flawless pink

    Hi I wanted to try using flawless pink powder as one of the other nail techs in the salon where I work uses it and thinks it is great, so thought I would give it a go. I assumed it was a creative product but it isn't in my product catalogue. Any ideas? thanks Kirsty
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    Am I Normal!!!!!

    Thanks again Geeg!!! It is just the odd one that is getting me down. I've just done 2 clients this evening and both came back for infills and they both still looked great (even if I do say so myself!!!). I have kept hold of a core client base for a year now and they are still recommending me...
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    Am I Normal!!!!!

    I've been doing nails for a little over a year and constantly swing from feeling quite confident about my ability to apply beautiful nails to feeling that I am completely useless and almost chucking the whole thing in. Is this normal and does it ever get any better? Kirsty
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    Please help - lifting problem

    Thanks Geeg You've put my mind at rest a bit!!! I think it was really unfortunate that I was in the salon on my own when I did her nails so had no input from anyone else. I should have told the owner of the salon about it because I think they may have been the worst nails I've ever seen...
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    Please help - lifting problem

    Hi everyone. I have just started working freelance in a local salon a couple of days a week, but have been doing nails for just over a year working from home. I did a clients nails in the salon a couple of weeks ago and she had really soft and damaged nail plates from having nails in the...
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    Rent a chair or go mobile?

    Hi Kizzy I also have small children (3 - under age 7!!!). I started doing nails about a year ago and have been doing it from home. At the time my youngest was 15 months old. I found that it has worked really well with getting lots of experience and practice as I just work as and when I can...
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    Nail Art Stand

    Hi I've just started to do some of my own nail art designs (only basic stuff with transfers and rhinestones etc), but I wondered if anyone could tell me where I could get a nail art stand/display from. Thanks Kirsty
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    Working in a Salon (Scared!!!!)

    I've been working from home doing nails for a year now and only did my creative conversion course last Monday. I went into a new salon in a village near where I live for waxing and they asked about my nails. I told them I did them and was a tech. working from home etc. Then a couple of weeks...
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    Solar Oil

    Thanks everyone. I'm doing my creative conversion course on Monday so I'll put my prices up after that. I managed to sell an oil last night though :D after really going on about its benefits!!! Kirsty
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    Solar Oil

    Try as I might, I just cannot get my clients to purchase solar oil. I have told them all about the benefits etc etc. but still they say "no thanks". I thought about increasing the price of my full sets by a fiver and including the solar oil in the price, what do you think? Kirsty
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    Taking Holidays

    Hi Grace I also work from home and have a client base of about 15 regular clients. Last year when I went on my main holiday in August it was a bit tricky as we were away for nearly 3 weeks. I just made sure that I worked flat out on the 2/3 days before we went, which was pretty hard. What...
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    any one from the south east? susseX?

    Hi Kimberley I'm from the south east (west sussex). I live in a village called Rudgwick, about 6 miles north of Horsham. I have been a nail tech for a year now and work from home, I am due to due my creative conversion course on April 26th. Kirsty :)
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    Aggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Picking nail extensions

    I do charge my mother in law but at a discounted rate, £10 off for full set and £6 off for infills, but still she picks!!!!! Kirsty
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    Aggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Picking nail extensions

    I could scream!!!! No matter how often you tell clients not to pick or bite their nail extensions, why do they insist on doing it? My mother in law in coming tomorrow to have her nails removed and she spoke to my husband last night and told him she had bitten/picked all but 1 of her nails...