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  • Hi there. I am surprised to hear you say there is no class on custom blending near you in New Hampshire. Do you know this for sure? You could instead organise some one to one training with a CND Ambassador near you, I know there is at least one, Lynn Cote, I'll send you her email in a private message to save her from the spam monsters!
    CND make 3 Opaque Pink Powders for 'illusion sculpting' that is, camouflaging the nail
    underneath. Whether you use warm, cool or neutral pink will depend on the skin tone you are working on. I'll expand on this a bit in my pm.
    Salongeek is used by mostly UK based professionals, there are a few forums you could try that are based more on your side of the pond.
    Good luck!
    That depends on what you are looking for! Do you want a white? A opaque french pink? A sheer with glitter? A bold colour?
    Is it for a particular client? How would they like their nails to look?
    ha ha An*Gel - I'm not even sure how to put a picture on lol lol. A nice bottle of merlot with some beautiful french nails holding it would be great!!!
    Winemom?? LOL Great user name... now you need a good avatar pic to go with it :lol:
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