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  • Hi Wishes,
    Just thought as we are close to each other we may be able to help each other out. I am in bicester and I am mobile but I have a lady who is in aylesbury and has a home salon.
    when we get calls for things we cant or dont do we pass them on to each other, this has worked well for both of us and wounderd if you would be intrested in doing the same. my number is 07783258438
    Thanks for the ideas.I am currently advertising in a ladys gym,a tanning shop and the local fabric shop!! I work for dhl delivering parcels in the local area so I have been leaflet dropping too,but have made sure to hand my price lists personaly so I can introduce myself I also have got to know alot of people who have regular deliveries!I had a magnet from vista but it seems to have fallen off :(. So I will keep giving out my price lists these also have a promo on which will last till end of May, heres hoping..............
    Hi Wishes, Just thought I'd add a bit regarding your gaining clients.
    I went into my local hairdressers (they didnt have any beauty attached), explained about my home salon, suggested the owner come along have a treatment and if she like what she saw, let me put my price lists in her salon and for every 5 referalls she would get a free treatment. She is now a regular customer and I do gain clients from her all the time. I also did the same with my local dentist, they offer botox and fillers also and they gave me some cards and said if I get them 5 new clients I get a free treatment! (would be great but I have a needle phobia!!)
    By far my best advertisement is the internet so get yourself on there, also car magnet (really cheap from vista print) window decals, lawn signs etc.
    You will be really surprised one day, the phone will just start ringing.....I promise xx
    Hi well I have just done a weeks worth of advertising but as yet no clients :( but I know I have to give it time and I want to do my room a bit nicer too but funds are limited at the moment.Your room looks beautiful well done I can imagine you will do so well. xx
    Thank you for the friend request, its nice to head from others with home based salons. Hows things going for you? x
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