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    Sculpting forms?

    I have bought these before but didn't find them 'sticky' enough, might try them again tho as was prob me being a newbie x
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    Brillbird Iron Gel

    Hi, is anyone using brillbird iron gel? If so what are your thoughts? x
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    The GelBottle Inc feedback?

    Was it the gel bottle builer gel you used? How did you find it? xxx
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    NSI Glaze n Go

    I'm probably going to get shot for this but can I use Glaze and Go over Brisa Hard Gel? Only asking as I've run out and cannot get any Brisa gloss for approx 1 week, but a wholesaler 5 mins away who sell NSI and I have a customer tonight..... I know, bad planning on my part. x
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    False nails + Solar Oil

    I used my CND gel bond, like I said it was only to see me over the weekend, was just looking for advice on solar oil
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    False nails + Solar Oil

    Hey can anyone tell me if you can still use solar oil with glue on false nails? Or would this effect the glue? I'm trained in Brisa but hopefully getting a set of acrylics off a fab technician next week as a wee treat for getting married , but it's not for sure yet as I am waiting in a...
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    Ink London

    These are gorgeous! x
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    Swarovski crystals

    Hi Emily, What is her seller ID on eBay so I can go and have a look, and more than likely place an order :)
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    Scottish Beauty Show

    I'm going! My first year too so super excited!
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    Brisa Gel feedback

    Thank you, I'm doing another set tomorrow morning so will take all this on board x
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    Brisa Gel feedback

    Thank you I think the pointer finger is maybe the better one x
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    Brisa Gel feedback

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    Brisa Gel feedback

    Pics would help! Just uploading them now!
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    Brisa Gel feedback

    Hi, I'm newly qualified in CND Brisa Gel and looking for feedback on these please? I'm worried they are maybe too thin?
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    CND Cuticle Eraser?

    Have you got a picture?