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  • thanks for that , did the shellac do well in tenerife with the holiday makers and what do you think is a good price to charge aboout 30 euro
    My CalGel training was yesterday I passed. I really don't no why I was so worried, lady who trained us was brilliant! So do u think Acrylics is better then silk and fibre? Is trendy wraps like minx? Do u come over to England often? What made you decode to move? Xx
    I work at a salon atm but only as a receptionist. I've passed a quick mani course, I think that's why I'm so nervous. But I'm wanting to go on to work as a nail tech in a salon, do u think I should learn other nail techniques and rely fully on gel? Sorry for the 20 questions lol. And yeah I have added CalGel thanks xx
    Yeah, last time was to las Americas, which I enjoyed but I was a teenager then lol
    We've rented an apartment near el duque beach? I think lol I'm useless, i just look at the pictures!
    I know, my kitten is a little nightmare at moment, can't wait for next Friday, he goes to vets to be neutered! Should calm him down lol
    Going adeje in 2 weeks soooo excited, need to find someone who does massage out there lol.
    Aww my kitten is 6 month and our cat is about 8 years. Love my babies <3
    2 cats a dog and 2 guinea pigs :) lol
    Cool, think I've heard of it, not anywhere near costa adeje is it?
    No im doing it at Barnsley which is ideal for me. I'm soo nervous so I'm glad I found some1 that's recently done the course to help me lol. Have u got a job as a nail tech or are u going mobile? X
    Hey it's fine its nice to talk to someone willing to help. When you did your CalGel course did you do much on the nail anatomy? Cos I am really under confident with this, also for the final exam did u have to do your own nails? X
    Thank you ... Remember it is a work book nit just a read book lol. Work with it at your side on each technique and you'll do amazing nails. X
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