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  • Glad it's not just me slightly unenamoured with Jica HQ. We're without a rep at the moment so have not got my new therapist trained up properly :(
    I've always found them though to be very flexible on what you order, with a lot of the treatments the products are interchangeable.

    I guess though if you haven't been using the products for long, you may not know that - there's still loads I'm not so familiar with.

    It's a shame Jica aren't more on the ball with the business & marketing side as Algologie is such a fab product range. It's one of the top ranges used in top spas in Australia, S. Africa & Canada. Lots more could & should be done with the brand but cos I love it so much, I'll put up with Jica (for now anyway :))

    Hope business is good for you.
    Keep well, Sarah
    hiya Kate, can't remember which thread love I've got a head like a sieve. Drop me an email and remind me then I can update you. fionalm@hotmail.co.uk
    :hug: Just so you know I wasn't trying to be nasty or awkward regarding my post...just trying to offer another solution xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Jo
    Your doing what you can for your client.....keep doing your good work :wink2: xx
    Delighted to be on your friends list hun. I know how you feel cos I've been there too.
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