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    Hi all, Can anyone tell me if the use resin for their nails (e.g gel etc) some people have told me I can while others have told me I can't HELP please:rolleyes: Thanks in advance Kate:)
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    VistaPrint websites? is it viewed on google?

    Hi Everyone, I'm thinking of setting up a website with vistaprint as it looks soo easy:) that's the best thing about it lol!!! So I was wondering for those of you that have tried it already how long are you tied in for after the initial first months free trial? Is there anything we need...
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    Dents in smile line after freezing?

    Hi, Sorry yo budge in on this thread but tjis is a subject I am having terrible trouble with pink and whites that is LOL!! I use IBD gel and when I do pink and whites over tips I still find they look really thick so please can you help coz your way looks much easier:) I apply tip then do I...
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    What moisturiser to maintain tan?

    Hi Thanks for your help will do that it's better than buying in bulk:) Kate x
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    Wax Residue? how to get it off?

    Do you mean cellotape? Kate x
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    Wax Residue? how to get it off?

    Hi, Thanks for your replys must get some jasmin oil then what about tea trea? would thsi be ok to use to would it get the wax off?:) or do you need a proper remover? Thanks Kate x
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    Wax Residue? how to get it off?

    I have tea tree wax aftercare will this get the residue off too?:) Thanks for your reply Kate xx
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    Wax Residue? how to get it off?

    Hi All, I was just wondering about the bits of wax at the end of a treatment:rolleyes: how do you all get these off? do you use your strip to get every single bit of wax off or does it come off with the after wax cream? Thanks in advance for any help you have:) Kate x
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    Arh Roller Wax Systems

    Hi, I didn't like mine and I don't use it now as I prefer the spatula method by far as I fifnd with the roller you have to change the rollers all the time during treatments and you have to keep swapping them over as they cool quite quickly I found anyway but this is just my opinion:) Kate x
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    What moisturiser to maintain tan?

    Hi I use Sienna tan and I have asked about their moisturiser before but they have said it's only available in bulk what do you do? do you buy a load of it? Would love to know thanks in advance:) Kate xx
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    Lighting for mobile tans

    Hi, I use a little clip on light that clips on the side of the cubicle it's fab and does the job I got mine from the range not expensive only £7 I think I payed and it's pink always a plus:) HTH Kate :)
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    Gel cracking at Apex at infils stage???

    Hi All, Just a question hope someone can help me, I've been doing nails for a while now not as long as you guys though and still coming accross things that I have no idea why they happen. I use Ibd and when I do the nails they seem fine to me all flush at the sidewalls not too thick...
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    UV topcoat for over natural nails?!?!?

    Do you still have to buff it off as you would for nail extensions?:rolleyes: Thanks Kate xxx
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    UV topcoat for over natural nails?!?!?

    Hi, I've been wondering about this for a while so when I saw this thread it sort of answers my question but does this mean that you can infact use UV topcoat over natural nails meaning that you still cure it for the 3 mins:rolleyes: sorry to be soo dumb but I've never tried it so I assume that...