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  • Hi there! Apologies I never saw your friend request, I normally use the app & it died my show everything like the proper site does! Anyway no problem, I love to spread the love!! Let's be virtual friends!! Xx
    Thanks Britta, I am keeping ok, leg is a bit dodgy but everything good. Work is mad at the moment, I think everyone is seeing a bit of an upturn so long may it last! xxx
    Best contribution I can make to the forum is give hearts to posts I approve of ;-)

    (I don't actually do any beauty at the moment, but used to wax and tan, and feel I have pretty good experience and knowledge of tanning!)
    Well not really , in fact life has been pretty ****ty for me last year, but im stronger now and older and wiser ,
    Just about to take a leap of faith back into the world x
    Iv been trying to contact your company through the website but its not going through
    Here was the original message !
    I saw you at the beauty show however due to the popularity of the stand I never got a chance to get sufficient brochures & information

    I am interested in the spray tanning solutions as iv read & heard amazing reviews & I am looking for a product that can match vita liberata for organic properties yet have a great tone & be a more realistic price
    I think tantrix ticks all my boxes.
    What is the opening order & solution sizings also do you sell trial packs so I can try this out for myself?
    If you have any promo information please can you post to me
    Many thanks
    :Grope:Ciao from Milano.
    Hearts are always nice to give and to Recive.
    Pls update me with some more info about both your training in Spray tan,and eyelash supplier store?

    Always interested about new brands:wink2:
    Hi Britta, Thank you too for the rep. Great minds again eh?

    I'm keeping well thanks. Hope you are too?

    E x
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