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  • LOL... give me a sec and I'll join you :lol:

    Definitely thin, the second coat will give the more intense colour :D x
    It seemed to go very fast... have to start looking forward to the next one lol
    I Shellacked my daughter's nails on Monday afternoon and didn't have any shrinkage at all, did you cap the free edge with all 4 coats Anna? x
    Fancy nipping out for a ciggy? :lol:
    That was the most we saw each other all over the weekend LOL
    Have you used your Shellac yet? x
    Urm couple of hours i think ish, i'm travelling from Bradford so will probably set off about 5.30am - 6ish - that way i can stop at services on the way down for a break. I'm hoping at that time in the morning the roads should be pretty clear so i'll get a clear easy drive.
    Have you seen the nominations for the Square awards ? They have been posted on the Sweet Squared web site this morning.

    I think its a great idea - I'm really looking forward to it
    Hi Anna, I am travelling down early on the Saturday morning :o(
    My Husband works till late and there is no-one to babysitt my daughters. So Saturday will be a long day eh?
    It would be nice to meet up though - my mobile number is 07530 898374. If ya fancy meeting up give me a call.
    See you soon, not long now just over a week!!!
    i will phone today and get them to change the room over. its only £45 each that way, my number is 07821853881 xx
    Sorry it's been ages! I've been super busy :D You're welcome for the rep-you really helped so I wanted to show I'm grateful. I haven't decided what I'm doing yet, I received a letter back from my local MP that basically said funding is no longer available for NVQ nail services because:
    1. It's not vocational
    2. It doesn't increase chances of employability or progression
    3. It is considered "informal" learning.
    WTF??? Considering it's called an NVQ, national vocational qualification, I fail to see how they can say it isn't vocational. Anyway apparently one of the local job places are running a nail course and they've said they'll contact me with details of getting funding for EZflow-but there's no guarantees. So I may have to go on the course offered to get me up and running and then look at EZflow when I have the spare readies.
    Thanks for your help so far :D
    Emma xxx
    thanks so much do you live close and are you sure you dont mind as i can't afford to pay you anything. It's jo taking the course. Had a look at your nails and they're fab so i hope you share some advice xx
    Your welcome :) I thought I was good at nails, until I came on here & saw everyone else's... So much competition out there :-S

    Hi, yes, i got them through yesterday morning. Dont forget though, there has been postal strikes which clog the system up so try not to panic just yet! x
    oops sorry just noticed ur brush question, i have so many different ones hon, i like to buy a few to see which ones suit me best, i have some from sparklynails & some from nsi nails, x
    Hi, tnx for picture comments, im seeking proffesional help for my marbeling addiction!! Im determined to master it!! Some of them i do with normal water based craft paint & others i use the water trick (messy but fun) My 2 youngest boys sit & do it with me, poor children lol x
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