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  • Thank you for the comment on my site surprised I still have any hair left lol hun those crystal toes are amazing!!! is it me or is it impossible to find training on it! I teach but would love to learn how did you learn or were you self taught? I found scatter crystals (they look good) xxx
    Hi there, i have just been reading your posts and need some help if poss with Crystal Pedi's! I am new on here and this is my first post! lol. Just been reading your step by step method on how to apply crystals and i'm a little confused as i thought i needed to glue them on? Are you just applying to a wet base of Shellac or something and then putting under a UV lamp? Sorry if i sound thick but i am new to all of this, i only qualified a few months ago and purchased my Shellac kit yesterday. Can i used Shellac as a base? And what about colours, would i put a clear colour as a base and then what ever colour gems the client wanted, or could you buy clear ones and put the colour they wanted underneath? I am going to be working from home and have a booking for a crystal pedi next month already and now i'm panicking! Stupid eager me. Guna watch a few youtube vids tonight but if you could explain to me how you do it that would be fab! Thanks in advance. Suraya :)
    Whoo.. my sparkling crystals arrived this morning so got my niece round immediately lol!! They're amazing! I love them. Admittedly I used ss7 but i think next time i would either use ss5 or ss6 but I am really happy at my first attempt. I found it quite therapetic! My niece is in love with them! I dunno how to put pics up on salon geek but if you want to have a look on my facebook page, here it is...Beau Belle's Beauty | Facebook

    Cant believe how happy i am!! By the way I use my old tweezers to pick up the crystals, tried orange stick (didn't work), art tool (didn't work), curette (didn't work) and found tweezers a lot easier for me. Funnily how we find different ways to work with things for ourselves.

    By the way couch is much better for pedi's, thats for sure!!!!

    I am now thinking of different colours of crystal to order.. sooo many choices..aarrghhh...

    So thank you sooo much for your help xxx
    Argh,, I didn't get your messages but they were on your wall. Pregnancy brain! great!!

    I have already ordered some, but cos its bank holiday weekend, it wont send out till tomorrow. so i am hoping I will get them on wednesday or thursday.. Ooohh i really cant wait...

    I was thinking, cos i cant be doing it on my pedicure stool cos of my big fat belly, I think it would be better if i get my clients to lie on my beauty therapy bed with back rest reclined so i can sit on my beauty stool, -that way I am not bending so much.. are you doing this way?
    I usually give my clients a little sealy bag with a few crystals so that in the unlikely event the client loses any, she can pop a bit of normal top coat on and fill them in herself. xx
    Sorry, lap top's playing up!!

    I'm 7 months pregnant too!!! Otherwise I would be blinged up right now!

    My procedure is:

    Base coat
    Colour coat
    Top coat (do not cure, apply crystals while still wet)
    More top coat around edges and especially free edge (inner crystals should be stuck nicely)

    I soak off with acetone and use an orange stick to help it along. Only takes about 10 mins. Some of the crystals can be re used if you can be bothered to soak them and clean them up a bit!

    I'm 7 months pregnant too!!!! Otherwise i'd have them again right now!

    My prodedure:

    Prep, file cuticle work
    top coat (do not cure, apply crystals before curing)
    apply second coat of top coat around edges only (seal along free edge too)
    wipe off inhibition layer

    I soaked off with acetone and used an orange stick to help it along. Only took 10 mins or so xxxxx
    Fabulous and thank you so much for getting back to me. Gonna buy 3 set of 100, to see how i get on first and if I am truly satisfied then I am gonna get some in different colours!! Oohh i am sooo excited now! I am going to practise on my nieces! I will let you know how i got on!! I wish i could do them on me but I am seven months pregnant!! Its so hard to paint your own toenails with a big fat belly in the way lol!

    Sorry got another stupid question?

    Is this right, step by step application that you did?

    Prep, file, cuticle work
    base coat
    put crystals on
    put top coat around the edges
    wipe off sticky layer - or don't bother...

    I am a bit confused about the inner crystals, would it not come off at all.. or it is well and truly 'stuck' lol?

    How do you remove them? soak it off with acetone?

    I am staring at your feet again lol!! and wish i had them on my toes now!!


    I cant seem to find aurora on beads and crystal website? but however i think i know what you mean by rainbow'mother of pearl finish..

    would it be this one?

    Swarovski Elements NO HOTFIX Flat Back Crystals - NO HOTFIX Flat Back Swarovski Crystal. SMALL PACKETS - SS5 (1.8mm) Non Hotfix Crystals - small packet (IDEAL FOR NAILS) - ss5 Non hotfix Crystal AB, pack 100 - Crystal Beads: Beads and Crystals are sp

    thank you

    sorry me again, I promise I am not stalking you. What sizes crystal did you use on your toes in the album?

    Thank you
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