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  • Hi and thanks for the pic comments. I did these using a well-less tip. I mixed silver glitter with clear powder and put that onto the tip first, followed by white acrylic, leave to cure then buff smooth (so basically I pre-designed the tips), stuck them on, then followed with clear L+P.
    the hairdressing going well thanks just alot to learn lol
    what with nails and hair i must be mad lol

    well thats good mate, let me know how you get on.
    i am just keeping steady not really promoted anything yet lol
    think i am trying to do loads at once lol
    hope you well?
    o right i live in panshanger, i havent got a clue that's why i made an account on here to see what options i have really. Im thinking cruise ships but i need a years experience for most of the cruise lines, its so confusing !
    Heya, oh are you from welwyn as well, i finish college as soon as i finish all my assesments which will be about may or june time, not long yet lol ..x
    Just mainly been doing family and friends, and friends of friends lol, is hard starting out, trying to find clients x
    Hi hun,
    can you tell me where you got your nail table from? if you dont mind hun
    thats great i bet you cant wait. yes i have been busy although im off work at the mo got chest infection, and doing the eye enhancement course in april so looking forward to doing that
    aww well done!!! thas brill, yeah had some more practicxe just doin friends annd family at mo x
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