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  • Hope you are OK I have been worried about you can you drop me a line. Lots of love to you and your family hun xx
    so sorry to hear your news..must be a difficult time for you all.
    Did your sister manage to see you get married...Hoping this is the right thing to say:hug:
    Have only just seen your blog regarding your sister. I have followed your blogs re her long ilness. As prepared as one can be, it is always a difficult time losing a loved one. I am sorry for your loss and that of the rest of your family. Take care :hug: x
    Hope you had a fabulous day hun!

    Sorry to hear about your sister, I hope you are OK, it takes it's toll on everyone around so please feel free to PM me whenever you need.
    Can't see your pic hun but have asked for friendship thing in case it's private xxxxx
    Hi hun, I haven't checked blogs for ages and just found your good news, Congratulations on getting married :) so pleased for you and so glad your sister made it!
    Know you're going through a tough time at the moment, but just wanted to wish you many happy returns on your birthday :hug: xx
    Grandma ? You can't be - you don't look older than 30! UNless you had your baby very young. Anyway many congratulations on the forthcoming wedding and becoming a grandma! xx
    Hi there enjoying all the turkey , pud , cake oh and of course the Wine , loving the merriment xxxxxxx
    hope you are enjoying yours too , Happy New Year
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