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  • Hi there

    I sa won here that you replied to a message about fx lashes. I live in Jersey but I have a job waiting for me in Spain. I have my level 2 in Beauty and parts of my levekl 3. I am keen to do the fx lashes course as soon as possible as they are my favourite. Normally to do courses I would have to go to England. However, to save a flight it would be better for me to do the training in Spain preferably somewhere near Torrievja. Is this possible? If not I cna happily go to England. I just wondered if you know how much the course is, where to do it and dates etc. Also would you know anywhere near that you could reccomend that I do the threading course? Basically I have a job waiting for me as soon as I have qualified in these 2 courses. So I am keen to get over as soon as possible as their is lots of money to be made.

    Many thanks :)
    Hiya, that would be great, am really interested to see how they turn out, thanks xx
    Hiya, just wondered if you had used your L curl lashes yet, and how you got on with themif you did, thanks, ruth
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