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    Politics-I don't understand

    People get far too upset about the whole thing. They all make promises they don't keep. Somebody will always be unhappy and will moan. If it annoys you that much leave the UK.
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    Gastric bypass

    At the end of the day. Binge eating is an eating disorder! So is an addiction to eating in my opinion! The hardest thing I have ever done is lose weight and maintain it!
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    Make law of attraction work-list your 3 things here!

    I will have my own house. I will have enough money to do a nursing degree. I will tone my body.
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    Gastric bypass

    I haven't had this operation but was 19st 6lb and am now 11st 3lb (was 10st 9lb want to get back to this.) have lost a lot of weight. Only downside is the loose skin on my stomach!!
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    Secret diet drops?

    No but would like to hear how you get on! I'm struggling to stick to Weight Watchers at the minute so looking for something new!
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    What is going on with Tibby Olivier?

    I wouldn't care about legal obligations it's morals!!
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    What is going on with Tibby Olivier?

    To be honest if S2 pulled out because of these 'rumours' they should be ashamed of themselves for not outing them!!
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    Allergic reaction to Eve Taylor?

    I'm allergic to this too. Such a nuisance it's in everything!
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    New Shellac collection

    Who distributes le chat?x
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    The struggle

    All I want to do is eat!!
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    Should I do a nursing degree after my NVQ3 to get into aesthetics?

    Why don't you recommend people do nursing?
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    Hey, not been on for ages!

    I don't know but a few people along with him were banned as well
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    Hey, not been on for ages!

    Bluerinse was banned ages ago.
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    Benefit fraud

    People always get caught in the end or karma will find them.
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    Younique beauty products?

    Why do you hate this product so much? Have you tried it?