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  • You're welcome ... and good luck with your pedi on Saturday (we were on the same thread about toe dividers a few minutes ago haha xxx
    Hey again.
    A wonderful geek (Gilly123) told me about this site that ships to the UK:Google Translate
    Anyhoo the sandwich method is when you put a layer of polish, followed by a layer of topcoat, followed by another layer of the polish. This helps the polish last longer.

    Oh, if you are looking to buy the Nfu-Oh polish do get their aquabace. You can use their holos with no base and they are beautiful and apply well. But with almost any other base (other than the aquabase) you will have huge application problems.

    There is a thread that explains it better here: NFU OH nail lacquers! Flakies, holos, jellies and more . . . - PurseForum
    Hello there :green:
    Thank you for your kind words.
    You asked about the lasting time of the Nfu-Oh holo polishes and konad. Konad lasts just as long as normal polish, for me it takes around 3-4 days before chips start appearing. On the other hand holo polishes are renowned for not lasting very long (it's not a problem with Nfu-Oh it's all holo's), they do last longer if you use the sandwich application method.
    Hope this helps :hug:
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