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    Lash glue on eyepads

    If you’re using a mannequin head and practice lashes that is most definitely the problem. I find it way easier on real lashes PLUS if you have a hard time on their natural lashes going down you can always easily tape their lids up vs a doll head which you cannot lol
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    Lash glue on eyepads

    Are you using an excessive amount of glue that could be dripping on to the eye pad or could you be dragging a lash on the pad to remove excess glue before placing? (Which I hope not, since it causes poor retention)
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    Hii! To prepare my wax I usually put it on the highest heat until melted then I put it around my lowest to get the best consistency(should drip like honey, thick)
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    Eyelash extension help

    Do you usually wear contacts or glasses when you lash? My deph perception is super off when I wear contacts just because I see really good up close rather than far away without them. I’ve heard reading/magnifying glasses have worked as well for lashing! You can get them from your local...