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  • giv ova!,dont worry what other people think or say & never be afraid to say what you think :),sorry nt been on here for a loooong time,busy wrking in the chippy & fitting the odd set of nails in lol!,hows things chick?,sarah xx
    Hey hun, thanks! Can you tell me how long you take for each section please? Give me something to aim for. I know my nails are good, I just wish I could do them in half the time lol. Kirsty x
    I am only in Longford, just down the road. If I can help you at all my darling just let me know. I have been in this business for about 17 years now and am happy to help little ones like you! xxx
    Hi ya

    How are you finding the acrylic course? i too have that course and was really looking forward to doing it after i passed the gel one, but the smell has really put me off, just waiting for the weather to warm up a bit so i can have some air in the house while i do it......Has it affected you in anyway?

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