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  • Hi Zingara,

    This is a message referring back to a MYscara ingredient question. Could you please send me a copy of the Manufacturers Safety Data sheet. Also is this something that you can refer to for all beauty products?

    Kind regards,
    Hey hun.
    i hope you dont mind me leaving you a message but i just wondered if you could possibly shine some light on my situation. i am trained in bio and love it and never really had any problems with it. but just recently my regular clients have been coming back to me with lifting and/or peeling but i cant understand why? i am very thorough with my prep and always wrap the gel over the free edge. its beginning to stress me out and make me doubt myself :(
    i would really appreciate it if you could go through how you do your overlay or if you know of anything to prevent this from happening. i currently use clear as a base then the colourx2 then a flexi or Sgel.
    thank you :) x
    Hi I just found your msg regarding mascara, to be honest I haven't been on here for ages as I got abit sick of it. I used to like this forum but I'm disappointed the way it seems to have gone down :(
    You can't put a comment here about company's etc, I have been through the proper channels with myscara and spoken to Louise directly who 18 months on still hasn't managed to send out the certificates.
    I have had a bad experience all round with myscara and I don't offer the service anymore x
    Thank u for your msg x
    Sorry obviously I am talking about Bio Sculpture that I have done!!! Thank you.
    Hi I have a little problem with my nail tech and just wondered what you think? I am a qualified nail tech trained in OPI so I know about how important cuticle work and prep are. I had a mobile nail tech come and do my nails and she left quite a gap from cuticle. My thumb looked like I needed infills! but the gel was lovely and thin and I was pleased other than the gap left. When I had them done again I asked if she could go as close as possible as I would only be having them done once a month and I didn't like the gap. She applied my next set as close as she could go but she didn't remove the cuticle that was left on the nail plate on a few of my nails and obviously only went up to the cuticle that was on the nail plate. Some of my cuticle which was left on my little finger has now come off and there is quite a gap. And on one of my nails it looks like I have two lines of cuticle. She does push them back but leaves cuticle on the nail plate. What do you suggest. I was going to say that my cuticles are overgrown so they need to be pushed back and excess removed but I don't want to offend. I hope I make sense!!!. Thank you.
    hi, im interested in a myscara training course, how much is it and do you get the kit with it? im in manchester, thankyou :) x
    HOpe it's ok to drop you a line direct. Wondered if you could help please.
    I'm new to Bio, although have completed all my training now.
    I'm getting better and better at overlays... but keeping them on is another story. They lasting about a week or so.
    I'm doing all the prep as recommended by trainers. DC, cuticle remover, cuticle work, free edge filing, more DC. Tiny amounts of Vit dose & Ex base. I have made sure that these are dry.
    I am wondering though.... If I should be filing the nail plate itself a bit, to get more staying power.
    The trainiers say theres no need to do this... However, I've now been to 4 Bio Tec's to get my own nails done.... And each of them do. I'm wondering if this is the secret.
    The bio gel they've all put on me has lasted weeks and weeks. no lifting at all. & that's with sometimes VERY limited prep. & none apply vit dose/exec base.
    Hoping you can help? Many thanks,
    Hi Zingara. I posted a new discussion regarding the Nails Magazine Reader's Choice Awards. I'm not sure if it is an international magazine or not, or whether or not there are many USA Bio Sculpture nails techs on this site but we have the chance to VOTE for our favorite Bio Sculpture products in 14 categories. EVERY VOTE COUNTS. here is the link: NAILS Magazine : Dedicated To The Success Of Nail Professionals

    Wish us luck!!
    Would you mind talking me through your dry prep please?
    How the cuticles are pushed back without remover, & how you loose all the dead cuticle & fluff & bits? XXX
    Hi Zingara ... Just want to say thanks for the tip you gave a college about the sculpting forms that u use, I ordered them, tried them and will not work without them again, they are amazing!
    thanks .... Tracy @ Gorge
    Aloha Zingara, can you help me please fink the link to your explanation of use of gels. The descriptive one. Thanks so much
    I thought I'd let you know I was contacted by someone here who was helpful. She suggested we don't use a number or the # sign in the description. It seems to break the link. I changed all of mine. They seem to be okay now. :cool:
    Hi Zingara, if I could add a few more things to my previous post. I have three photos currently posted on the Gel Geeks page. The first one, Bio #65 can be accessed by clicking on it. The following two #2068 and the third one #93 again redirect me to two different threads. This is the first one "Minx in Autumn/Winter?". I've forgotten the other already. Thank you so much for whatever insight you are able to offer me.

    Aloha =)
    Hi Zingara, I could really use your help with something or at least some direction. I’m having a problem with the photos I posted. When I click on anyone of them from the Bio Tech page, I am redirected to a miscellaneous thread that has nothing at all to do with Bio Sculpture. The first time I posted them it only happened on a few. I took all of my photos down to revise the watermark and description and when I reposted them, none of them can be opened from the Bio Tech page any longer. There’s no problem opening them in my albums. I reported this issue but the response I got was “if you use the # sign in the description that will happen”…well that’s not the case now as I’ve changed all of the descriptions to exclude the # sign. Since emailing them back about it, no one has responded. Have you ever heard of this problem before?
    Hi, I am interested but funds are low at the moment due to setting up my mobile beauty business. I don't have a salon, just a home! How much is your training? And how many people do you need on one course. Thanks Andrea
    Hi Lyndsay - I've done more Myscara models at £10 - but really do feel ready to up this to regular rate now - do I need to wait for you to review my case studies - just concerned about insurance and that I am prob needing to run a course in the next few weeks as we have some wanting to book. Thanks! Helen
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