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  • H Lyndsey- I sent my case studies back a few days ago...did you get them? They had all the photos attached so perhaps too big? Ta. Helen x
    added you on FB but it's really limited cos I have mega secure hidden privateness... I can't seem to do it through my FB business page though :-(
    Hi ! im new with bio sculpture . Maybe 5 months now .I am having a few problems .I hope you can help me i am form canada . they teach use royale gel then color or white x2 then s gel . tonight i had one client came with nothing left so tries the clear color and one hand last layer s gel other royal gel . they have problem with gel lifting at free edge or breaking on side no idea what im doing wrong please help . Same as on me 2 middle finger divide at free edge or lift . well thank you hope you have time to answer me thanks Denise
    Hi There I was wondering if you could help me please?. I want to train with MYscara but the number I have I can't seem to get a answere. I was wondering if you had a number that i could try? Thank you Helen
    Hi, I deleted my message, no problem. In Holland we talk about everthing, also that subject ;).
    Thank you for your reply. Have a nice day.
    Hi Lyndsey, thanks for the fab training today I cant wait to get going now and I am even looking at my daughter with Myscara in mind as my first client isnt in until Tuesday and I dont knoe if I can wait that long lol (only joking). xxx
    You couldn't ever upset me if you tried lol xxx I did report the post because every price was detailed for clients throughout the whole thread and although I don't need to justify my pricing when its so freely available for them to see it just makes my stress levels a wee bit higher xxxxx

    so no not you that upset me just the "too much info~" on the thread in general xxx
    I think it gets in at 10 past 12 so I will be in before you but might as well wait for you at the station. Sounds a good plan to me to dump and meet! x x x :)
    Will you and Theresa be at the PB Geek Meet on Monday 28th? Hope so, it would be lovely to finally meet you both :hug: x
    Hi there, you don't know me yet, but I'm Sue (aka Pookywooky!). I trained at the end of last year in Bio sculpture and my exam is now looming. I love the product and have set up a salon at home etc. The model I was going to use in my exam has a wobbly c curve which is a nightmare when I fit a sculpture. My daughter's nails are PERFECT for the exam but she is away at uni. What I want to know is that if there is any way I can 'fake up' her overlays to look like they've grown out for three weeks, if she comes home the weekend before my exam?! Do you think I could get caught out?! I was just going to repaint them, leaving a gap at the cuticle, it's seems my only answer as I'm having a disaster finding a model at the mo, as most of my friends work! Would love to hear your viewpoint, as you're such an expert! Many thanks! Sue :-D
    Cheers for the rep.......I feel like a tightrope walker though trying to keep my balance lol!!!!
    Don't see too much of you on the site these days, but just wanted to wish you and your family a happy Xmas and best wishes for 2011! :hug: xx
    Thanks for your help, been and done my mums 'blank' hand again for practice and prepped both whilst i was there - as you say I can always just give them a quick going over to make sure they're perfect!!

    Planning on doing a 3 month period at half price to get some clients and build my confidence.

    Thanks again x
    Hi Zingara,

    I've got my exam with Bio tomorrow in Leicester and wondered if you could answer a couple of queries for me. I was wondering if they mark hands with equal points or give more marks for sculptures or silk repairs as opposed to coloured overlays? or is it just 20 points a nail? Also, can you prep before you go? Got a blank hand to work on and a hand of coloured infils to do.. could I do the basics like cuticle work/filing in prep do you think? Been practising like mad over past 3 months so fingers crossed it all goes well!!

    Finally, I remember a post you made some time ago which was telling someone that you wouldn't have charged for gel overlays straight after training as you felt they were not good enough. That being said, what sort of standard do you belive they are looking for?

    Just a comment too ref training, I have been trained fully in Leicester and the lady (Kerry Lee) is fantastic. I email her all the time with queries on finishing gels, etc.....
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