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  • Hello im new to biosculpture and this site and was wondering where i find your tutorials, many thanks, kelly
    Hi just been on the Shellac group and noticed you posted Shellac - Hastings - I am in Tunbridge Wells and offer Shellac if that is any good.

    Still problems with the footlogix/affinitiworks website so will drop them a line or give them a ring tomorrow.
    hi we met at the show and you gave me your card at the gelish stand so i thought i would add you, you also seem to be some what of a legend on here ;) was lovely to meet you xx
    Did you have a good time yesterday - I spent the last 2 days sulking and gutted that I didnt go and missed you all! What did you get from the day? Buy anything nice?

    p.s. - have you had a letter from Lily Lolo about a further discount?
    What was your impression of them and the products? I have read previously quite alot on the products before they were available in the uk. When I looked at the Uk web site a few weeks ago the site wasnt working properly so was limited on what I could see for the uk stuff. The up to date contact details would be great!
    Zingara, thank you for responding to both my threads, I was panicking a bit, i'm much calmer now. sorry for being a nightmare. Pooh8bear xxxx
    That really really helps...thank you so much.
    Have decided to stick to gels because I Know exactly what you mean...lol!
    Was worried I was missing out on potential clients but will push Bio Big Time now!
    Thanks for that Zingara,
    I have quite a few calls (from young girls) wanting acrylics not gel and not wanting to turn clients away I need to offer them something. Would Brisa be better. I will phnoe S2 in a mo.
    Hi Zingara,
    I have done my Bio course and am now looking to offer my clients Acrylics and Minx. I have decided to try CND and will book the L&P basics course v soon - could you tell me what tools I would need for this course (a starter kit is supplied) and do you think the intermediate course sufficient for someone who has not done acrylic before.
    Thanks hun
    Hi Zingara

    Noticed that you are using Shellac and Gelish? Can I ask why you have taken on both systems? Is is a choice of colour thing or is one better than the other. I use Bio, Shellac and was looking at Gelish? Is is as quick as shellac?

    Thanks Lorraine x

    Ps, I tried the clear bio with shellac the other day and its fine. Just hope I get a bottle of base in the next batch.
    Thanks for the rep point, clearly the person did not want to know the facts, he/she just had another agenda. xxx
    Thank you so much for telling me about physiosupplies.com. My sacroiliac belt has arrived and seems to be working it's magic! Very happy! x
    Hi chick, I answered your thread, the only thing I can think of is cutting round the stencil or you could try runing some baby oil on the skin or on the surplus stencil to make it not so sticky? Its all according to how confident you are at getting the stencil off the front sheet..................if that makes sense ??????????
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