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  • Hi Zoe,

    I saw you posted a response back in 2011 to somebodys enquiry about finding a transgender friendly hairstylist in derbyshire... (I'll paste the original message and your repsonse at the end of this message). Basically, the reason I am contacting you is because you had mentioned such a place in Woodley, Reading - which is very close to where I live. I am 24 and in a similar situation to whoever wrote that message two years ago. I was hoping you could give me the name of the place? as I'm very interested in having a regular hairstylist where I know I can feel comfortable.

    Look forward to hearing back from you (or anyone else who can help with this).

    Jenna ([email protected])
    Original message: Hello,
    I wonder if anyone could point me to a trans friendly hair salon in the east midlands?
    I,m not fully "out" yet but would love something done with my hair , yes it is a total mess .
    My confidence was smashed a while ago when i phoned a salon and asked the question the reply was " oh we dont do weird stuff like that" alas i feel a little nervous about contacting anyone else .
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks

    Hi Zoe, I live in Cyprus (British Forces), can you tell me where I can get samples or buy Berins wax, I'm after strip & non strip and have seen so many recommendations for this brand that I would like to try it. Many thanks x
    Hi Zoe,

    Just a quick question about Berins Ease. I am having trouble getting all the hairs out in one go and have to go over areas twice and sometimes they still dont come out. What am I doing wrong. The hair is long enough and I am using very little oil underneath. Help!!

    Many thanks
    Aww no probs, i think its set everyone off being paronoid, thanks for explaining though, its so easy to read something the wrong way on the internet :) xx
    Hi Zo zo, do you just sell Berins or do you also do waxing? I'm after a waxer for my Brazilian! (See my post!!) If you do could you let me know how much and where you work? I tried pm but your message box is full! xx
    Happy New Year to you, too, my dear! Looking forward to seeing pictures of the little one! Wondering when I might expect his cute little self to be delivered to me here in the US via post.
    If youre talking about ET products then id recommend this:
    Treatment -
    Ultra soothing cleanser. Enzyme peel exfoliant. Pressure point massage using Treatment Blend No2 (delicate), or Delicate facial massage oil. You can also incorporate Cold Marble Stones into your massage which are great.
    Colloidal Oatmeal Masque under steam (to release the calming and extra cellular matric building Beta Glucan). Treatment Blend No2. Soothing Toner or Cold Red Raspberry Tea spritzed in a pulverisator or in an 'Eco Spray'. Soothing Moisture Lotion
    That will be really calming and gentle for the skin and should really help it.

    Home care - Ultra soothing Cleanser. Treatment Blend No2. Soothin Toner. Soothing Moisture Lotion. Soothing masque 2/3 times a week.

    You can also include the New products into the treatment - The Hyalauronic Serum is amazing on sensitive skins so Im sure will be amazingon Rosacea too!
    Hi Zoe,
    Your inbox is full so I'll post here instead:) I'm having difficulty finding a brilliant intimate wax trainer in Scotland. Currently in the salon we use Perron Rigot wax and the girls go to a local training provider (who sell Australian body care wax). I would like to further their training and am considering sending a couple of the girls to the wax queen down south. Do you have an alternative wax trainer in the UK that you would recommend? Thanks for your help
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