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  • Hi hunny, thank you so much for your lovely donation.....Morgandie and I are so touched at the support from everyone here...it means a lot and I won't let you all down! xxx
    Hi hun!
    Staying with the family, so got the chance to hit the web (w-hoo!!!)
    Missing you already :)
    Lauri xx
    Hi Zoe, lovely to meet you at the nail competition, hope the rest of your day went well. We went to the geek meet at 4 ish where we met Sam & Sam Sweet (they are just so fab), but there weren't many other geeks there so we went off to buy some stuff at the OPI stand and came back for 5 ish for the nail comp presentation - sorry if we missed you at the geek meet! Hope you are enjoying the rest of the show :)
    See you sunday.....i will call you friday maybe? xxx.....miss your laughter and banter xxx
    hey hey hey hows the practice going??
    i spoke to Lauri this week bless her shes panicing... i know youll keep her calm
    spk soon Jess xoxox
    Hey Zo

    Thanks for another fab job on the eyebrows, and for the good wishes for Friday eve. Hope yours is as good :-)

    luv Jaye
    I want to go back to that spa!! Thanks so much for a great evening, I've been chilled out all weekend as a result - my housemate is suspicious, lol xx
    Happy New Year to you too, Zoe - thanks for being a fabulous friend, and here's hoping all your dreams come true for 2008 xx
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