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  • Thanks for the rep, it was one of those threads that you just had to respond to. xx
    I hear you have a baby.....congratulations xxx.Don't get on here first time in 3 months nearly,am very busy at school....stay in touch though xx
    Thanks for the rep! I was horrified by her post too. Seems that the mods were too as it has been removed!
    Only just saw your blog, "Congratulations" well done he is beautiful, hope you are well and managing to get some rest. xxxx
    I have just bought the Berins Hard wax today. Looking forward to using it. I also bought the DVD as its been 5 years since I trained in it and Ive only occasionally been using Hard wax in my last job and it was Hive, so now im flying solo thought id bring myself up to date :)
    No, you're way too gorgeous to be a hag! Still, I guess you could strike it lucky... you could be a fag hag, meet a gorgeously hunky gay guy and then find out that he's bisexual... and single ;)
    Hi Zoe.. Quick question! The Berins wax... Is it possible to put the entire pot into my heater? I have a salon system heater that you place the pots into directly, no decanting.. Is this possible with Berins?? x
    Hi Zoe just to let you know will be calling soon! bought shellac so wax went on hold sorry :o lol still not sure about heater yet as I'm mobile dont want it sloshing up the side while in the car :D (mean the warm wax btw as I have it 1000cc heater just now)
    Sarah xx
    OMG honey....I've been so involved in my own rubbish lately....I didn't know your news! Congratulations! I have to say, it's truly inspirational for me to hear as we want to try again when I get the all clear (lost 2 in the last year - but both in 1st trimester) but I'll be 41 when we start again so to hear you have done it....gives me lots of hope! Hoping all is going wonderfully for you....will be giving you a shout soon (once I'm back to work) as I need to order some Ease again. Much love xxxx
    There seems to be so much going on in your life at the moment,would you have time to see an old friend,LOL...i would love to come over,now that my PGCE is coming to an end.xx
    Thanks for the advise, your pm box is full! I may have to buy sooner though as the only show I can bear to go it is the one in Earls Court and it's not for a while!:
    Thanks for the Platinum masks Zoe.. you know I hadn't realised you had put an extra one in.. how remiss of me. It is very much appreciated I can assure you. Glad you got back safe and well and that you wern't stuck out there for too long... Florida seems to have been the longest to get folks home. Yes deciding to have a baby later in life is not for the faint hearted ... I wish you all the best with it and if I can give you any advice, then take plenty of rest when ever you get the opportunity from now on ;)
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