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  • P.S. How's it going at Derby uni? What stage of your degree are you at? Are you studying more for pleasure rather than career change? You say you're taking a break from two businesses so I'm guessing you're no longer a teenager :) Am I being too nosy? :)
    Hi maths geek :) Yes, I've always studied mathematics for pleasure, although it can be difficult at times and I wonder why am I doing this to myself!! I'm currently taking a break from my courses, I'll go for Honours later, just need a further 60 credits at level 3 to graduate, then, if I'm good enough, I'd be interested in postgraduate work – I'm close to Portsmouth uni where they have a strong research group at the Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation, it would be very exciting being a member of that community as a PhD student :) Just hope that at my age dementia doesn't set in first! :) Paul(ie) x
    Hi Zoe , thanks for your message :) that would be great ! I live in Farnsfield . I'm going on a gelish course next week in Mansfield ! We'll have to get together sometime ?!?! Vicky x
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