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  • well me an my business partner have come up with plans for when there is no cover available that will keep likes of yourself in work permanently but will discuss it more in person when we have recieved your application form filled in so if you could send me your address ill pop one in the post for you thanks Judith
    hi if you want to send me your address to send an application form in the post and we can go from there we are at just about to do a blitz of chester an chester area, for salons and spas.
    hi i saw you are looking for some work and i don't know whether you would be interested but i have just started a recruitment agency for the hair an beauty industry where i find you temping work in beauty salons, spas & hotels an im trying to get ladies on my books to send out to cover sickness, training, maternity etc cover and just wondered if that would appeal to you ??
    haha lol... yeah i think there was 4 people in steves class too, steve, rich jones and his 2 sisters..x
    hey, his name is stephen lawlor.. hes 28 nearly 29.. u prob wud kno him or his bro who is peter lawlor..hes 27..xx
    im just on the outskirts of ashton, up the road opposite the goshawk..dont kno if u kno it?? my boys used to go to ashton school:) xx
    Just thought Id pop by and say hi to a fellow cheshire geek:) I see your in Northwich..I live in Ashton and went to Mid Cheshire College..:) x
    lol hes in a black sabbath/ozzy tribute band LMAO!!! its really good actually... my friend was out shopping in LA and bumped into the Hoff.. he was trashed and she had her pic taken with hi espec for me hahah!!! what bands ya other half in then??
    eeee ya like all the same music as me.. ive followed me brothers band for years.. im such a rock "hoff" chick.. lol
    LOL Hoff with puppies?? ive not seen that one.. i am a true professionla despite the hoff in flashing pants.. just dont take meself too seriously LOL
    Hi Zoe
    Just wanted to say hi to a felow cheshire geek! I live in Winsford so if you ever need a guinea pig then let me know.

    just read you are in cheshire and might be interested in being a model? i do Semi permanent makeup - only the natural looking though! Would you be interested? would need eyeliner , lips or brows?
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