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  • Hello Hun thank you so much fir your reply I will ring my insurance tomorrow
    If I'm ok as you said just do it as normal would you be a bit gentle with massage etc god I feel sick just typing this to you
    Thanks Hun xxx
    Nail Structure and Product Chemistry: Douglas Schoon: 9781401867096: Amazon.com: Books
    Hi Cat, I know a young girl qualified to level 3 but not in Cnd who is good and willing to learn but she's the only person I can think of at the minute x
    Hi Zoe, we need some more CND trained nail techs for our salon, one junior and one senior. We have four already but need back up! I don't suppose you know anyone that you would recommend? Looking forward to seeing you soon!
    HI Zoe!
    I saw that you are in South Devon. We are opening a Nail Bar in Plymouth at the end of July and I wondered how business is :) The hardest thing seems to be to get good staff... x
    Ah shes very very good friends with my brothers other half.
    Ah how did it go? All well I hope?
    Yep thats her :)
    I know where you mean - good spot to be I should think.
    I'm now based in a hair salon doing mostly nails with a bit of waxing and brows. Was my first day today - felt like a newbie all over again lol
    Steph Mammatt?!
    Ah I remember it, no I don't think it is open very often, or at least if it I don't get to hear about it too much.

    Ohhh how exciting for you, what is the business? Just beauty or beauty and hair?
    I hope it all goes very well for you
    Yes!!! That was mine, I sold it but I hear its hardly ever open now which is such a shame.

    My step daughter is Steph, lives with Si in Ivybridge? Not married to her dad anymore but as far as I'm concerned she's still mine lol

    I have moved up to Yeovil in Somerset and start business next week - scary!! Fingers crossed its a success. Glad to hear yours is going well - where abouts in Salcombe are you?
    Hi I just noticed from your FB page that you're in Salcombe, half my friends have liked your page lol I used to live in KB and had a salon there. Hows business?
    Thanks for the picture comment. Yes, it's just glitter very sparingly sprinkled on. Has been my favourite look so far :)
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