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  • No I didn't hear of system unique. I was talking to a nail tech who uses lcn and came to know that it is much much cheaper then trosani, so i went to sue and really liked the products, i stayed near her while she did 3 clients! and could ask her anything:) I bought primer and base coat with acid which she said is best for our climate, but then I can opt for other bonders which contain no acid and then one compoment resin which is the builder gel, till now i only used it on me and another client since i still have some of the trosani, but i m happy with it. they have a big choice of colours as well. regarding the filing it also took me time but now i m using a nail drill only to take off the bulk, i bought a cheap mani pro from ebay just to try it out but i m thinking of buyng a kupa now since i m used to it, i still take 2 hrs or 1.45 to do a refill.
    Looks like I'm not the only one thinking of changing. lol I'm finding the gel is just too hard to file and I'm fed up of it! It takes me almost 1.5hrs of hand filing for refills :( LCN suppost to be a nice gel. What was it that you liked? Here in Mosta there's C&D nearby, their product is systeme unique it's a softer more flexible gel. Have you heard anything about it?
    hi, we're ok thanks god and weren't sick for christmas:) now looking forward for carnival. Good you re overcoming the lifting problem, sometimes you cannot explain how it happens, i think it also depands on the clients and how they wear them. The new clients are still coming for refills!
    As with timings in is my problem as well, i can do a new set in 1 hr and a half, but a refill always takes 2 and if they want complicated nail art it takes even more!
    Hey, :D I'm fine. How are you and your little girl? How was your Christmas? Our christmas holidays were very busy this year. For once the kids weren't sick. :D I've finally started getting some clients. Mostly new friends and friends of friends but I guess that's how things start out anyways. I've almost completely fixed my lifting problem using the ezflow primer, which has given me more confidence in myself. Now if only I can fix my time. :rolleyes: It still takes forever to do refills and I go through 2 files for long nails with repairs. How are things going with you? Did your new clients keep coming?
    oh i m so sorry i just saw yr messages now!! i needed some stuff but rebecca said she doesn't have the colours i wanted. so even the gels are on sale??
    i wanted a gold microglitter and rebecca told me she doesn't have them, my sister picked up the silver today! i didn't have time to check salongeek since my daughter is sick again:( if she's still on sale pls let me know. i ll send you my mobile number by email
    thanks alot
    Hi me again. :p Just wanted to let you know that Fiona has gone crazy. Some of the sale prices are just mad. Large kompi or poly-haut for just 2 euros each! If you use tr3 tips they are 3 for the price of 1. Designer tips 3 for the price of 1/2 of 1. Neon colour gels old stock going for 4 something euros each also gold glitter, red glitter and aquamarine. If you use the Ocean Manicure they're going for 2 something euros instead of 31 euros. Trosani Nail Polishes 6 plus 6 free. You end up spending more than you plan to. :eek: I spent 102 euros which should have cost me over 300 :eek: :green:
    Hello! Beautiful weather we're having today ha ha ha. I hate sending the kids to school in this weather. Anyways, Fiona is having her christmas sale. I don't know if you got her leaflet or not. She has everything on sale from gels to equipment basically everything. I don't know what kind of prices but it seems like they will be big. It would be good if you could come down. I know the weather is not travel weather. If you really want something let me know and maybe I can get Rebecca to hold some stuff for you. If you want you can email me and I'll give you my tel and mobile no so I can let you know what's going on and what prices quickly. The sale starts today and ends friday, but if successfull Fiona said she'll keep it going. email pamper.yourself@live.co.uk I'll be happy to help.
    Hi, how great to hear from you! Nice to hear that your little one is fine. Fussy client :( at least she went away happy.
    Thanks for visiting my site :) and for the comment :) It really meant alot to me! About lifting Fiona thinks I'm filing my sides too thin. I don't like thick nails :p I like to keep them as natural as possible. Fiona keeps showing us to do them thick yuck. I just bought the dehydrator and primer, thanks. Which ones do you use? I bought the ezflow bond (i think it's called) and the TAS primer. It would be nice if they stick cuz I might have my first real client soon and I don't want her nails coming off. :eek I'm a bit anxious but can't wait at the same time, ha ha! :lol: I'll still keep on look out for christmas stuff. So far nothing.
    Hi we're ok now at last, let see for how long. It went good with one client and not so much with the other since she was very fussy and couldn't decide what colour to do, however she was happy with them. Regarding lifting, do you use dehydrator and primer? Some of my clients still have lifting while others come after 4 weeks with no lifting at all! it depands more on them then on us. however i had more lifting issues when i started! They lift more when you do them thick i noticed.
    thanks for checking for christmas stuff.
    Hi, how are you? How's your little girl? Busy I hope. How did it go with your new clients? I just saw your reply, I've been on here often since but for some reason I kept missing your reply, sorry. Anyways thanks for all your advice. I have started practicing at home with the deluxe 2 gel. It's sooo different but managable. The clearity is so much nicer than the supereasy. I have a question (as usual :blush:) how long did it take you before you avoiding lifting after 10 days? My friends (my models) have been having lifting from 10 days and popping off nails at 12 days. Any hints? BTW I'm still keeping a lookout for Fiona's new christmas stuff. They just reorganised the shop so maybe they'll have the new stuff soon.
    It used to happen with me when i did refills but because i didn't use to file them properly for fills. but i remeber super easy used to get yellowish after a while. i use deluxe gel 1 and deluxe gel 2 and then top shine. i never used kulzer since i found these 2 really good, they don't get yellowish not even after 5 weeks. no you don't have to change brushes. and don't worry too much if i see, the begening is hard for everyone!. the more sets you do the better they come.
    I did a set last week, plain with natural tips and you won't believe the colour they came!?! They look like the gel was stained lime green! I asked if she put polish on them and she said no. They look so awfull that I'm going to try the deluxe gel 2. Which do you use Gel 2 or Kulzer the pink one? They are now the same price but I have no idea what the Kulzer looks like when cured. Do you use the whole deluxe set or just gel 2? I bought a tester of Gel 2. Now all I have to do is learn how to apply it :rolleyes: I was just finally getting used to SuperEasy. Do I have to change brushes? Sorry lots of questions :lol: Anyways tomorrow I have a plain refill then I'll see what I'm going to do for my friend. I want Fiona to see them to figure what happened. Can potatoe starch make them change colour?
    The strange thing is I did a french tip set this week and they came out clear. :eek: I'm confused but I think going deluxe would be my best option. What do you think? Was this happening to you?
    Yeah, kinder 1 is the worst year for getting sick. Both my kids were the same in for 2 out for 2 weeks :( They still get sick and have been sick already twice this year. My son is in kinder 2 and daughter in year 2. Yes we love christmas too. I'll let you know when they come in cuz I pass ehere at least once a week. Good luck with the new clients :)) I hope everything goes well. I understand what you mean about getting stressed cuz that's how I feel when I do the sets on my friends.
    Hi Karen. How are you today? Nice weather eh? lol I'm not a big fan of winter. Anyways I passed by at Fiona's and Rebecca said that she should be getting some new stuff in 1 1/2 weeks. When she gets them in I'll let you know.

    Take care.
    Sounds like you're doing well! It would be nice to have a couple of clients a week. I was trying to figure the cost using the deluxe gels, it is expensive. How many sets can you get out of one pot? I figured approx 10 cuz I've done 5.5 sets with the easy gel so far and the pot is half empty.

    I will let you know if she has anything for christmas. I will be going on wednesday for french tip practice so I'll go in earlier and ask Rebecca for you.

    Have a good weekend,
    Anyways Fiona was supposed to get some new colour gels in so it would be good if you could try to come down. Or maybe contact them by email ask them for what you need and maybe have a friend pick them up for you. Do you still recieve her offers by post? She had a half price sale not long ago and she's supposed to have something again soon. If you ask Rebecca she might know of something coming up. BTW you mentioned you were going to try the Deluxe gels, how did you find them? The Super Easy tends to yellow if put it on a little thick and I don't really like that. Yesterday I had a practice session and was really happy with the results but one thumb came slightly yellow :( I did overlays on myself and they all came yellow, could be the colour of my beds being a bit light that might cause it to look that way but yuck I covered them up with polish soon after.
    Hi, congrats on the new clients! Thanks for the advice, it's nice to have someone give you a push and boost from time to time. At the moment I'm trying to find a salon who will take on a student nail tech for their clients to try and build up a client list. I should hopefully have my basic gel, nail art and mani and pedi certificates by Christmas so hopefully find something or some clients for the busy season. Hard part is working them around family life. It's a lot to juggle. I'm hoping to eventual be like you and work from home. Have you tried vistaprint for card? and maybe put them in mailboxes in your area, like when you go shopping or something. Or ask a friendly grocer or green grocer to leave cards with? Might help especially with Christmas so near.
    Hi just stopped by to say hi "HI" lol. How's things going? I've finally started with Fiona. Still working on the basic gel. I have my first french tip Friday. How are things going in Gozo?
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